Two Nuns Stole $500,000 From Church To Gamble In Las Vegas

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Some people choose a religious life due to personal reasons, some because it was forced upon them and others because they want to steal money and go to Vegas. That last one might sound a bit of a stretch, but it happens, as was evidenced recently when two nuns were discovered stealing school funds to fuel their trips to sin city.

Not only nuns but teachers as well

Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper, former principal of St. James School in Redondo Beach, California and former teacher, Sister Lana Chang were recently discovered embezzling funds.

A king’s ransom

The two women, who are from the order of Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, were discovered to have embezzled as much as $500.00 through tuition fees and donations alone.

But why has this only been revealed?

Well, Michael Meyers, the church’s monsignor, has explained that a family came forward requesting a copy of a check made out to the school and the staff.

However something was wrong

But when Meyers looked into it, he and the other staff members, discovered that it had been put into a bank account other than the school’s.

After this, an investigation took place.

Following procedure, a financial review was implemented.

To see what was wrong

It was simply a standard audit of procedure.

But it made the principal very nervous

Meyers has since stated that before the financial review, Kreuper became very nervous.

And this sparked suspicion

Making Meyers suspect that something was amiss with the principal

He decided to take action

Because of his misgivings, Meyers alerted the internal auditor.

And discover the truth

He told them that something was ‘off ‘ about the accounts and the auditor confirmed his suspicions.

But who would have suspected?

It is not surprising that both women were able to get away with the crime for so long.


Kreuper had been the principal of the school for almost 29 years.

And what about her partner in crime?

While Chang had been teaching eight grade at the facility for almost 20 years.

This has been a shock to the staff of the school

Safe to say, no one would have guessed that two devoted nuns and teachers would have done something so heartless.

But that’s not all

However, the extent of the crime does not end there.

Kreuper had been known for her trips to Vegas

For Kreuper often took long breaks to Vegas, or Sin City as it is also ironically known.

She went there for personal reasons.

Supposedly she went there to visit an old friend of hers from catholic school and nothing else.

I mean

No one could imagine that a nun would go to Vegas for all the usual fun, such as…

The drinking

Vegas is famed for its many cocktail outlets

The partying

And its colourful night life

Or even the gambling

A true stable of Vegas life

But that was not the case

As it was revealed that both Kreuper and Chang would go to Vegas with their embezzled money and spend it on gambling.

I’m guessing these nuns aren’t as devout as we may think

Gambling, which I’m sure falls under some kind of Catholic no no

But they didn’t care

Obviously these nuns didn’t care about that when they broke the law and stole innocent people’s money.

The demon headmaster

It appears that Kreuper would give many cheques over to the school’s book keeper but would also with hold some for herself, which she would put into the other account.

Personal gain

Although the money was used for personal gain, some of it did get recycled back to the school. However, this does not justify the women’s actions at all.

But at least they’ve now been caught

Both women will under go the expected punishment for their crimes and as of yet no other staff member has been implemented or suspected of wrong doing. Even the school book keeper has taken a leave of absence to ensure the integrity of the investigation.

And the school is learning from their mistakes

In a recent school news letter, Meyers wrote that the school has put in place new procedural and oversight mechanisms to ensure that similar instances won’t happen again.

He went on to state that:

‘I want to assure you that the investigation has disclosed that, notwithstanding this misappropriation, no student or program at St. James has suffered any loss of educational resources, opportunities, or innovations’

Happy Ending

It has also been announced that the Sisters’ order will reimburse the school and dish out the appropriate penalties for the nuns. Assuring that they will pay for what they have done. I guess they won’t be seeing sin city again for a long time.