Two-Year-Old Is so Close to His Pet Dog He Thinks They’re Brothers

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There’s a reason why dogs are truly a man’s best friend, and that is their undying loyalty to their 2-legged companions.

Dogs are known for their unconditional love towards us humans, and it’s pretty safe to say that we often give that love right back.

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Dogs are some of the most loyal and trustworthy animals that we humans can come by. With pups being one of the most popular pets across the world, it’s clear that we all tend to share a mutual love of the fluffy little guys.

We will do anything to protect our faithful companions…

There’s nothing quite as horrifying as the thought of something happening to our beloved dogs, and we often find ourselves going to extreme lengths to protect our furry little friends.

Remember the guy who punched a kangaroo for his dog?

Yep, that’s right, one man actually punched a huge kangaroo that had gotten his beloved dog into a ferocious headlock. Luckily, nobody was hurt and the kangaroo hopped away with a slightly bruised ego.

But we will often do whatever it takes to protect our pooches, including running out into traffic when our dogs have escaped or even breaking up a fight between your dog and the neighbors’ – often resulting in some pretty nasty cuts and bruises.

But what about when our dogs look out for us?

Dogs are used all around the world in emergency services to help people in need, such as fire-rescue dogs who are there to help to sniff out people stranded in burning buildings or in the aftermath of rubble and ruins.

But pet dogs have been known to step in with a helping hand, too…

Especially when it comes to children, dogs are known to be protective and will put their lives on the line in order to protect “their human.”

Children who grow up around dogs will not only grow to become big animal lovers, but they will establish a life-long bond with their furry companions.

This is Tom and Laura, who are the proud parents to 2-year-old Jenson.

And they are also to the proud parents to their 2 border collie-mixes – Fenn and Nova.

And they have become a huge part of the Webster family’s life.

And he was actually born just 9 days after baby Jenson arrived back in 2017.

But they never anticipated how close the pair would become.

Jenson and Fenn are now inseparable.

Jenson took on his first milestones with Fenn by his side, including learning the occasional extra-curricular trick such as playing fetch and rolling over.

She said, “They are, simply put, siblings – it’s impossible not to love them and their amazing bond.”

“They’ve literally grown up together – Jenson is recognized as the leader, but he’s decided to copy Fenn when he’s been learning things,” she explained.
“From eating food from the plate, just like Fenn would, he also joins him in learning tricks like sit, heel round.”

“They do the morning and night routine together – if Jenson is having his hair brushed, ready for the day ahead, then Fenn has to have his done too,” Laura went on to explain.

“Jenson has no human siblings and Fenn became his substitute – they’re best friends and completely inseparable.”

This goes to show the amazing bonds that dogs can hold with humans…

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