Tyler Perry Uses Personal Plane to Deliver Aid to the Bahamas

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The aftermath of Hurricane Dorian has caused the Bahamas to go into a state of unprecedented chaos.

The 180 mph winds that ripped through the Bahamas last week has destroyed the homes of over 70,000 people. National reports have put the death toll at twenty but numbers are expected to rise.

One thing that has risen from the ashes of this tragedy, though, are the displays of human kindness and charity. One individual who has decided to put his privilege to good use is director and producer, Tyler Perry. Here’s what’s been going on…

With its turquoise waters, colorful buildings, and tropical climate, the Bahamas has always been seen as destination paradise.

In the early hours of September 1st, Hurricane Dorian made its way towards the tropical islands. With wind speeds of 180 mph, the storm was quickly hitting Category 5 on the hurricane scale. To understand the magnitude of this, appreciate that there is currently no category 6.

Dorian’s tirade was the strongest hurricane in recorded history to hit the northwestern Bahamas.

It’s hard to imagine how those affected will be able to pick themselves up again. It’s not only the loss of possessions and the destruction to their homes that the Barbadians have to deal with, but also the mental trauma of going through such a terrifying ordeal.

Barbados is known for its tranquility and slow-paced way of life. Hurricane Dorian battered the islands for two whole days, with residents unsure whether they would live or die.

Now that the storm has passed, it’s time for the people of Barbados to start clearing up the mess and attempt to start rebuilding their lives. They won’t be able to do this without the support of the rest of the world.

In 2006, Nicholas Cage purchased a private island in Barbados for $3 million dollars. The forty-acre hideaway is on the southern side of the Bahamas so it is likely to have been unaffected by the hurricane.

In 2007, Mariah Carey purchased a beach-front compound in the celeb-hotspot of Windemere Island, just off the Bahamian island of Eleuthera.

Only accessible via private helicopter, Windmere Island has proven to be a desirable vacation destination for anyone wanting to avoid the hassle of the press. Celebs and Royals alike have chosen to vacation in Windermere – including the late Lady Diana.

The singer and actress had actually gotten married in a private ceremony on the estate to Nick Cannon in 2008. Sadly, the marriage, which was made official after a six-week whirlwind affair, didn’t work out. Cannon and Carey do share twins, Morrocan and Monroe, but it’s not surprising that Carey decided to put the past behind her and sell their Windermere love nest.

Rockstar, Kravitz, was born in New York but his mother, actress, Roxie Roker, was first-generation Bahamian-American. Kravitz is proud of his roots and has been living in the Bahamas for the last couple of years. He bought the land in 1989, on the popular island of Eleuthera (it’s connected to the popular Windermere).

The singer has become part of the Bahamas’ latest marketing campaign. Speaking at a panel with Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar, Kravitz stated: “After being raised as a proud Bahamian by my mother, my grandfather, my cousins — it’s an honor to be here representing my country.”

Taking to Twitter, Kravitz has been posting words of support to those in Barbados. He has also been informing the general public about the different charities and aid organizations to which they can donate to support the relief effort.

As of Thursday last week, Perry had already made two trips on his private seaplane, delivering vital resources to those in need. He filled his plane with such things as drinking water, sleeping bags, and diapers.

Getting resources to the Abaco Islands, one of the worst-hit areas, really can be the difference between survival and death right now. Perry is also using his plane to transport people that are in serious need of medical attention.

Raised by his single mom and having battled severe depression in his early twenties, Perry is not one to ignore those in need now that he is rich and successful.

Tyler Perry took to a Walmart in the Atlanta area and paid off over a thousand customer’s Layaway bills. Layaway is a credit scheme set up by Walmart to allow customers to pay their bills in installments. Coming from a poor background with a single mom, Perry knows all too well how easy it is to get into severe debt with these schemes – especially over the Christmas period. According to Vox, Perry paid off the debts of “1,500 Atlanta-area shoppers, a deed that totaled $434,000.” I mean, what a guy, right?

Taking to Instagram to show his support to the Bahamians in crisis following Hurricane Dorian, Perry made it clear that he would endeavor to help. And it’s clear that Tyler Perry is a man of action, not just words.

I think we’re all agreed, Tyler Perry was sent from heaven above.

According to a Twitter-user called Ashlee, rapper, Pitbull, and “Shark” investor, Mark Cuban, donated their private planes during the crisis that followed Hurricane Maria, in September 2017.

Some Twitter-users have been speculating what the president plans on doing to support the relief effort…

It seems as though Trump is doing the opposite of helping .

Reports breaking on Twitter reveal that the president is making it harder for Barbados citizens to enter the U.S. Before the hurricane, they did not require visas to enter the States. Now, it seems like Trump has tightened regulations and they cannot enter the country without one. I mean, seriously, Trump? Can you sink any lower? These people have lost their homes and all of their possessions. Where is your humanity? To learn more about the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, continue scrolling. Next up we have the story of the man who had to watch as his beloved wife drowned in front of him. The video of the fisherman talking to reporters about what happened is really heartbreaking.