Uber Driver Killed After Teenage Girls Steal His Car and Crash It

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An Uber driver has been murdered by 2 teenage girls during a suspected carjacking.

Here’s the full story…

The disturbing incident took place on Tuesday in Washington DC.

2 teenage girls, aged thirteen and fifteen, were seen trying to hijack Mohammad Anwar’s car but ended up crashing it and killing him in the process.

They targeted the vehicle while Mr. Anwar was out on shift for Uber Eats.

In the shocking footage that is currently circulating online, the girls can be seen trying to enter the car before allegedly attacking the driver with a taser. Police later confirmed that they did use the weapon in order to stun Mr. Anwar.

“This is my car!” He shouts in the video. “They’re thieves!”

However, the girls don’t show any signs of stopping as they get into the vehicle and put their foot down on the accelerator, dragging Mr. Anwar, who was hanging out of the car, with them.

​It’s only a few seconds before the car crashes into a fence and flipped onto its side.

Smoke could be seen coming from the wreckage with the perpetrators who were seemingly unhurt immediately getting out of harm’s way.

However, Mr. Anwar was not so lucky.

Due to the impact of the crash, he was ejected out of the vehicle and thrown onto the sidewalk, face down.
He did not move.

After he was taken to hospital, it was announced that Mr. Anwar had suffered several broken bones and sustained a serious head injury.

He was pronounced dead later in the day.

National Guardsmen near the scene of the crash detained the suspects.

They held them until police arrived at the scene.
It was reported that one of them even asked about her phone that was apparently still inside the vehicle, not fazed that she had just killed a man.

The news of the incident has shocked everyone, with many calling out for justice for the driver.

Mohammad Anwar was a Pakistani man who immigrated to the States in 2014.

​The father of 3 made a living from doing Uber Eats as he was described as the “sole bread-winner” of his family.

Upon hearing about the terrible event, his family told WUSA9 this:

“The family is devastated by this senseless crime. Mohammad Anwar was a father, a grandfather, a husband, a brother, and uncle beloved by many here in the United States and in Pakistan, his birth country.”

Mr. Anwar’s niece has launched a GoFundMe to help pay for a traditional Islamic funeral for her uncle.

The description reads as follows: “Mohammad Anwar was a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who came to the United States to create a better life for him and his family. He was simply at work yesterday evening, providing for his family, when his life was tragically taken in an appalling act of violence. The details are still being investigated, however we know that Anwar was working on an UberEats delivery when two assailants attempted to carjack him in Navy Yard.”

It continued:

“Words can not describe how our family is feeling currently. Devastation, confusion, shock, anger, heartache, and anguish are just a few that come to mind. We will carry him with us always, but it doesn’t take the pain away of losing him so tragically and so unexpectedly soon.”

“We would like to provide a traditional Islamic funeral for him and assist his family with the loss of income,” it also added.

So far, over $717,000 has been raised for Mr. Anwar and his family.

An Uber spokesperson also released a statement saying this:

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“We are devastated by this tragic news and our hearts go out to Mohammad’s family during this difficult time. We’re grateful the suspects have been arrested and thank the Metropolitan Police Department for their diligence with this investigation.”

The suspects have been detained and are being charged with felony murder.

Their identities cannot be released as they are both juvenile, the details that have been released state that the thirteen-year-old is from southeast DC and a fifteen-year-old girl from Fort Washington, Maryland.

They both appeared in court the following day where a judge ruled that they were a “threat to society.”

They will both be detained until their next hearing which is set for March 31st.
This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.