Gracie Kramer stole hearts in 2020 when she completed a gymnastic floor routine at a near-perfect score. A year later, we're all still smitten by the "creepy" (but in a totally good way) choreography.

The gymnast was only twenty-one at the time she and the rest of her UCLA Bruins gymnastics team took on Boise state at the Women's Gymnastics Meet in 2020. Dancing to Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy", her routine left the commentators and judges speechless, her flips, splits, and strides captured their hearts, which in turn, helped her achieve an impressive score of 9.95.

"This routine is a nightmare," said one of the commentators. "And to add to that, she's the 'bad guy' in everybody's nightmare."

In the video, you can see her attempt some pretty difficult patterns, but make it look super easy. Her team, as well as the audience, buy into her character on the floor, creating such an explosive atmosphere for the young athlete to thrive.

Gracie helped her team come out on top and of course, left her fans very proud.

"UCLA is amazing at gymnastics! They all work really hard! Good job!" one person commented.

"The best routine I have ever watched...deserved every single point!!!" wrote another.

"Absolutely amazing. Have to watch it again," added a third.

You really have to give it to her, she captured the vibe of the routine incredibly.

Just a few years prior to the Women's Gymnastics Meet event, in 2018, Gracie was hailed the NCAA National Champion. However, after the first-place win in 2020, she officially retired from the team and joined the Utah State Aggies gymnastics as a volunteer assistant coach alongside Chris Walker.

"Miss it [gymnastics] more & more each day...but so thankful I've been granted the opportunity to help gymnasts, just like me, discover their inner strength & potential," she wrote on social media.

According to her Instagram account, these days, the "All-American" athlete spends her days living her best life with her friends while also showing off her gymnastic skills to her 52,000 followers.

You go, girl!