UFC Women's Champion Amanda Nunes Willing To Step up and Knockout Jake Paul | 22 Words

Jake Paul has always been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, and his latest controversy comes after the YouTuber-turned-boxer publicly disrespected Connor McGregor.

It looks like he messed with the wrong crowd...

Jake Paul has done it again...

Although this time, his attitude might just be his downfall.

The twenty-three-year-old found fame on YouTube.

Now, he vlogs and creates videos to entertain a large online audience for a living.

Currently, he has over twenty million followers on the platform.

And that fact is just beyond me considering he's one of the worst reality villains, according to The New York Times.

Paul is no stranger to controversy.

It's gotten so frequent that he seems to have substituted every single one of his personality traits for being an absolute jerk.

It all started back in 2017 when he first made the headlines.

Back then he only had 8.5 million followers, and yeah, to us normal folk that might seem like a lot but compared to the nineteen million he has now.

But, straight off the cuff, he was accused of being arrogant and disrespectful to his neighbors.

A local news channel in West Hollywood reported on his crazy antics, saying that, along with his friends, he had managed to infuriate their neighbors so much that they were discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against him.

However, that didn't phase Paul...

“The neighbors hate me," he said proudly after mocking a reporter’s shoes. He claimed he had turned the street into a circus, responding: “I mean, but people like going to circuses, right?"

However, Maytal Dahan, who lives on the street, thought otherwise.

"It used to be a really nice quiet street and now we’re just this war zone," he claimed.

And even after the news spread, Paul decided to take to Twitter to call out the people calling him out.

He decided to tell us there were innocent people "getting shot" out there and we shouldn't be focusing on him. Thanks for the advice, Jake.

And because of his disgusting attitude to the entire situation, his contract with Disney hung in the balance.

And his other feuds with other giant YouTubers such as PewDiePie saw him gain more haters than fans and before you knew it, he became the king of unnecessary beef online in order to keep himself relevant now that he was on the brink of being unemployed.

At one point, he even started a fight with his own brother, Logan Paul.

But no one really paid enough attention because his older brother is just as big of a jerk as he is.

You don't believe me? Well, I'm sure you'll remember this incident...

Logan Paul was involved in probably one of the biggest YouTube controversies when he decided to take a trip to a Japanese Forest known for its haunting roots.

While filming a vlog there, he stumbled across a frightening sight...

Aokigahara forest is known for its high suicide rates, so you would think one would stay away from such a location, but instead, it peaked Logan Paul's interests and after a quick flight, he and his cronies embarked on a journey to find something "haunting."

Instead, they found a suicide victim...

And rather than cutting the cameras and calling the emergency services, as any normal person would, they kept their devices rolling and filmed the lifeless body while cracking a few jokes here and there.

He then edited the video and uploaded it to his channel.

That's right, this twenty-four-year-old decided to share such a sensitive moment with his millions of followers but YouTube quickly removed the clip as it violated many guidelines.

So, I think we've established that the Pauls are both very problematic.

But guess who's back at it again. Obviously, it would be Jake.

He's made a rather bizarre career change.

Pivoting away from his usual content creation and... Music?

Yes, he wants to become an MMA fighter.

And his choice of opponent has the internet raising its eyebrows...

Paul has called out none other than Conor McGregor for a fight.

"My team is talking to his manager but that's all I'll say," he said.

"No other fighter with this big of a platform is calling out McGregor."

"My dogs have more followers than the guy he's fighting in January."

"It's gonna be legendary. I'm gonna win, too! That's what I want people to understand!"

"I'm gonna dedicate my life to winning that fight because I'm not going in there just to say I did it -- I'm going in there to f**k Conor McGregor up."

And it seems like his disrespectful attitude has caught the attention of more than a couple of professionals...

2 weeks ago, Paul went viral with his fight against NBA star Nate Robinson. Since his win, he has been calling for UFC’s Conor McGregor to fight him.

On Monday, Paul uploaded a video showing how little he respects the UFC champion...

Paul also threw shots at UFC President Dana White, after she stated McGregor would never fight him. "Dana White, you’re a f***ing p**sy too, you ugly f***ing bald b**ch. You said there’s 0% chance of this fight happening, but there’s 0% chance of you getting some f***ing p**sy."

White immediately fired back, suggesting UFC women’s champion Amanda Nunes should fight him instead.

She said: “I’m thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knock his a*s out."

Nunes, who is considered the greatest women’s MMA fighter of all time, is all for the idea.

Who knows, it might be exactly what he needs to knock him down a few pegs. Keep scrolling for more on McGregor...