The Umbrella Academy Season Two Starts Filming

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Anyone who’s an avid fan of a TV show is familiar with the anxious wait for the news that it’s been renewed for another season, or if, God forbid, it’s been canceled.

But for fans of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, that wait is finally over… and it’s good news.

Sir Reginald’s dysfunctional academy will soon be back on our screens once again as Netflix has just confirmed that filming has begun for the second installment of the critically-acclaimed show… and the internet has exploded with excited fans eager to know when it will finally be released, especially after that, well, explosive cliffhanger.

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the details on the latest season coming up…

The Umbrella Academy first hit our screens in February.

The first season of Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater’s superhero series was released on Netflix just 4 months ago.  

The Umbrella Academy was adapted from the comic books by Gerard Way, the lead singer and co-founder of the rock band, “My Chemical Romance.”

Starring the likes of Ellen Page (Juno); singer, Mary J. Blige, and Tom Hopper (Game of Thrones), the series quickly shot to global popularity.

The plot is pretty quirky, to say the least…

The show follows a group of estranged siblings with superpowers, who, after the death of their foster father, have to join forces to fight off an impending apocalypse.

The series has literally been described as “a dysfunctional family show.”

Showrunner, Steve Blackman, described the show as “a dysfunctional family with a body count” during a string of press appearances in the build-up to its initial release. “At its heart, it’s a dysfunctional family show,” he said. “Having special abilities are wonderful, but that’s really just the incendiary part of it. I think it’s this family coming together, regrouping, finding each other … that for me was the sole vision.”

Viewers loved it…

It rose to the top of people’s favorite Netflix show rankings.

In a scenario all too familiar, it seems like the show had fans glued to their screens. Let’s be honest, we all love a good binge-watching session.

Writing for The Daily Telegraph, Catherine Gee, described the show as a “stylish superhero story” that forms a medley of “X-Men spliced with the aesthetic of Terry Gilliam.”

One journalist accused the series of “trying a little too hard to be cool.” Ouch.

The 10-episode long series reached its final, crazy climax as we witnessed (spoiler alert) how the much-anticipated apocalypse actually happened. Unfortunately, by the end, the apocalypse was underway as the Academy pulled together against their sibling, Vanya (Ellen Page), to prevent her from destroying the world. But, plot twist – she destroys the moon instead, which sends fragments catapulting towards the planet. So, to save the world, the siblings travel back in time – meaning we witness each of the older Academy members de-age and disappear. So many questions, right? But, after leaving viewers on a huge cliffhanger, and with several burning questions, it wasn’t long before people took to social media to express their views…

It’s safe to say that people couldn’t believe what happened.

This fan “couldn’t wrap her head” around the finale. We’re with you on that one.

Fans flooded Twitter with praise for the show.

Those desperately needing to find out what happened after that dramatic season one finale were delighted to hear that the streaming giant chose to renew The Umbrella Academy for a second season.  

To say that fans were pretty happy is definitely an understatement…

Viewers couldn’t wait for the superhero siblings to return to their screens.

Fans were impatiently tweeting Netflix asking where the second season of the show was.

The news was confirmed by one of the stars of the show, Aidan Gallagher, who plays Number Five, after he posted this gif to his Instagram page, with the caption: “Season Two starts now.”

Fans were very pleased to hear the news.

While filming for the first season was underway, the “Umbrella Academy” team teased fans with behind-the-scenes snaps of the stars on their Instagram page. So we’re hoping that they’ll be doing the same the second time around.

What do we actually know about season 2 so far?

All of the information, for now, is pretty vague, although it’s confirmed that, like the first, the second season will consist of ten episodes, with all the main cast set to reprise their roles.

Despite no official date being announced by Netflix, the production team has said it can take around eighteen months to produce a series, so fans could be waiting until late next year to find out what happens next.