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Every so often the Internet comes together in a truly wonderful way. Whether it's the circulation of a perfection reaction picture or a specific Twitter thread, the Internet can really pull through for the laughs and the ridiculousness. Sure, it can also be a garbage place sometimes, but hey, don't you enjoy indulging in its endless entertainment? Long live the world wide web and all of its glorious entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, there's a popular Reddit thread that people go to ask questions that Google can't answer,  but strangers on the Internet can. And let me tell you, the answers are amazing. No search engine could ever give the answers that these people have given. So maybe the next time you have a question that you're ready to google, take a step back and ask a bunch of strangers through your computer screen! You may be surprised at some of the answers.


This has happened to me before...

Sometimes, when I’m falling asleep, I get this weird sense that I’m tiny inside my body but my hands and arms feel ginormous. I’ve always wondered if anyone else has ever experienced this, knew what the heck this strange phenomenon was called, or if anyone could explain why this happens. - electriXynapse One Redditor commented that it's possibly Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Lots of other people also experience this. We're not alone!

It's the worst when you can't remember the name of things you've seen.

Saw a Japanese cartoon once about a girl who had some small animal on her shoulder. She had to save the world from a red demon monster. She was assisted by huge creatures that looked like potato bugs (rolly-polly, pill bugs) that had like 20 eyes that were normally blue, but turned red if angry. I’d love to see it again. Can’t find it. Makes me feel like I hallucinated the whole thing. Anyone know? - 152984 But Reddit to the rescue! Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, is the name of the cartoon, according to Redditor named, xilstudio.

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to google sounds?

I wish google had a "what's this sound," where you could upload a sound and it searches for you. Strange sounds coming from the car? Upload it and hit search. Loud weird noises from your PC? Upload and search. That would honestly be amazing. Trying to describe to google "weird humming noise between dashboard and bonnet" nets you basically nothing. Because it's not quite a hum, not really a buzz either. And you have no idea how to phrase it in words. - flappers87

Cats are strange, strange creatures.

Why does one of my cats lick the other but refuse to be licked back? I think it's because she's an a**hole but Google won't confirm it. - BunnoSnags

Cats groom each other to establish dominance, so your cat is telling the other cat she is the alpha, and her say goes. Edit: Sometimes grooming is to show dominance, but it can also be affection! Depends on the cat.


This is way too relatable...

How come is it that can you go an entire day holding your pee in with little discomfort but as soon as you put your key into your front door you've gotta squeeze for all your worth to keep the floodgates from opening? - oatato I think you start to relax, because your brain knows that you'll be able to pee soon. Some pavlovian stuff I guess. Bjarnturan. 

I'm scared of the answer to this one.

What happens if you take a box of laxatives and a box of Imodium? - Lauranordersvu
A rumble in the jungle. robustkneecaps.
Yep, that sounds about right.

Could this be your next vacation spot?


So there's this picture that is one of the default wallpapers that comes with Windows 10. Has a green tent pitched out in the forest with a shot of the milky way in the sky? Anyone know where this was taken? Spent a couple of hours searching the other day but just couldn't find out. - Reddit user The answers got pretty specific. This doesn’t narrow it down much, but it was taken from somewhere in the vicinity of forty-fifth parallel north.

The bright red star up and right of the tent is Antares. For it to be riding on the horizon like that, the location cannot be far from 45 N, maybe give or take five degrees.

 - BrowsOfSteel.

Getting older is so much fun...

Do all people as they grow older eventually start to hear phantom sounds like whooshing, whining or ringing? Is it natural with aging, or just some people get it no matter what age? Like tinnitus. - treyceyus All the answers have the same warning: Protect your hearing.

This is an interesting one...

How do people cut their nails in jail? Do they give you scissors/clippers? Do you need to do it under supervision? Do you bite your nails? I’ve tried to look for an answer on google but with little luck. - M1573R_W0LF

Hey, a question I can answer! Currently a CO in Ontario, Canada. There specific days where staff issued nail clippers for inmates, just like razors. An inmate will request the clippers, you note who requested it and when, the condition of the clipper going into the area; similarly you note when it gets returned, what time and the condition.

If it goes missing you know who to pin it on!


A thing we're all wondering.

Where's that video of a seagull stealing a cell phone from the beach set to "Run" by AWOLNATION?

- rainatur-rainehtion

It took 20 mins but I think I found it.

- p-oonis-

This is for all the history buffs out there!

Does anyone have any information about project Oregon Trail, a classified war game scenario from the sixties that led the Pentagon to conclude that massive retaliation was a doomed scenario and thusly led to the third offset and air-land battle doctrine? I only know it exists because it slipped out in a think tank talk about air-land battle that I watched and it’s literally impossible to find anything about it because 1- it’s a classified nuclear war games scenario and 2- google is full to the f*cking brim with results about the proto role-playing game. I really want to know what the analysis said. - Reddit user The answers to this one can easily lead down a very fascinating wormhole.

Good question:

Why do some instruments have to transpose while others don't? Why didn't they just name the sound of a concert c concert c instead of transposing? - trutrog

They standardize the names of notes with finger positions instead of the actual audible note that is being played. This is so that when you play an instrument that is pitched differently you don’t need to learn an entirely new set of finger positions to correspond with notes. It benefits people who want to switch between tenor, alto, baritone, etc. versions of their instrument, but unfortunately, it leaves a bit of hassle for people playing instruments that aren’t pitched to C, and they need to transpose.

Hopefully, this explanation was clear enough to answer your question! 


Ah, here's one that must be answered!

Finally! I hope I'm not too late because this has been bothering me for years. Why is the large bread cheaper than the small bread in Houston? It's the exact same bread. Same ingredients, same taste, same size slices, everything. The only differences are:
  • The "Large" is longer (more slices).
  • The "Large" is less expensive.
That's it. This is the case in every grocery store I've seen in Houston: Kroger, Randall's, Target, even Wal-Mart. The small bread is always more expensive and has been for years. There is no conceivable reason anyone should be buying the small bread here. Even if you kept your bread in an oddly short breadbasket, it would be cheaper to just buy the large loaf and throw out a few slices. And don't say it's something about scale. That doesn't add up. If it was cheaper to produce the large loaves, then they'd stop producing the small loaves. It's the exact same bread. The. Exact. Same. Bread. Help me, Reddit. - moak0 Reddit to the rescue:

Likely due to WIC requirements. The small is 16oz, which meets the standard for white bread. People using WIC have to buy the 16oz size. With a captive market, the seller can increase the price of that particular size. Cash shoppers can opt for the better deal. Whole wheat bread shouldn't have the same problem.


This is something that has bothered me forever.

Why don't fast food places have sauce menus? They're just like "WHAT 17 SAUCES DO YOU WANT WITH THAT?" and stare at you. - zangor I mean, truly! How rude.

Is this person a superhero?

I can do this weird thing, I honestly can’t explain it any better than I can make myself feel like I'm being electrocuted/falling. All I have to do is concentrate and I can make it happen. Does anyone have an idea of what this thing I have is called? - Fenderbender420 This isn't an answer, but it has opened the door to so many more questions:

I can vibrate my eardrums to the point I don't have to plug my ears to drown out the voice of people talking to me. Overuse and long term use are what concern me though.


Good thing we have the Internet.

There’s a song (maybe by Bright Eyes) with a lyric along the lines of “You’re mad at me for the things I did in your dreams" or “I want to say sorry for the things I did in your dreams"

Google cannot help me. I just want to listen to the song.

U/ripvanfish did it. “Trusted" - Ben Folds.

Thank you everyone!

- LittleXlthlx
Let's all go listen to Ben Folds music on repeat.

This is why the Internet rocks.

In the late eighties, there was a series of Betamax tapes I found at my local library. They contained a show about spacefaring puppets (astronauts portrayed by puppets).

Things I remember:

There were several episodes, maybe even two seasons. They looked creepy as f*ck, especially around the eyes. There was one episode where there was some sort of dark entity on the ship and the suspense killed me.

Edit: OK, had to stop working and check it out quickly, it's definitely Terrahawks, you guys restored a thirty-year old memory, thank you!

- ShyDethCat Should we all go watch Terrahawks?

This sounds like a crazy video.

There was a video of a greasy old man pulling his mouth open to make this hideous goat noise. My husband and I can no longer find it. Can you, Reddit? - JezieNeeChan
And thanks to Reddit, I have now watched it and can report back that yes, it's a crazy video.
Here it is!mrsmiter.

A dog that smells like brownies?

My dog's coat has started to smell like brownies in the last 2 months. His diet hasn't changed and I've bathed him since and it still smells. I'm definitely not complaining because it's much more pleasant than dog smell, but can anyone tell me why?

Edit: Its his flea collar! I put it on him around the same time he started smelling like this. Can't believe I didn't think of it. Thanks for all the info, guys! :) Here's a pic of my brownie boy Mars

- Annoying_Rhymes
Also, that is one cute dog. Now how can I start smelling like brownies?
Should I get a flea collar too?

You know longer have to go to the gym with this info!

What language consumes the fewest calories? For example, if reading War & Peace out loud in English burned 1000 calories, would reading it out loud in Spanish, word for word, burn 1300 calories? - kickme2
Just kidding.
One Redditor linked to this article, so you can find out which languages are the most efficient and/or burn more calories.

Again, cats are strange creatures.

Why does my cat demand running water in the bathroom sink to pee and poop? Google has left me feeling alone with my weird, water obsessed cat. She always has clean, fresh kitty litter which she’ll use if we aren’t around, but when we’re home she’ll meow at us until we turn the water on for her. Please tell me she’s not the only one!? - apainterinnewcastle Despite the answers, let's all agree that cats are peculiar animals.

Has anyone else wondered this?

What is the actual object that is used to make the "bite" sound in cartoons? All I've ever seen was some reference to Foley sounds. Not the actual thing used. - d_carolan I'm looking to see if I can find out but are you talking about sounds like these? Chomp Bite. The bite one kind of sounds like dried beans or dice or something being dropped into a plastic tumbler like a Yahtzee cup.dfassna1.

I'm not teary, you're teary from this question!

How old is too old to consider trying to be a runner or a PA on a film set in order to open a door to your dream career path? Asking for a friend of course...

EDIT: wow!! I can finally be that person who needs to update their post and say.....I WAS NOT expecting this to have the reaction it has. I've not long woken up so going through all the messages as best I can but thank you to everyone for your replies, they are so helpful and I'm so appreciative of the support and assistance!

- MyNam3IsMyNam3 Strangers being encouraging on the Internet is the best.

This is a great question.

How do I make word art like in the 2007 version of word on the 2013 version? I miss the great rainbow word art from my childhood :( - amadaire
Dude! I got you.   - Oxidopamine.

Bet you've never thought about this one before.

How loud is the average blink? - RunDNA
A question that truly needs answering! Who else hears their blinks?

Ah, the cartoons of our youth.

There was a cartoon in the ’90s, I don’t remember a lot of it but there was a chick (an actual bird) with his parents and the antagonist was a fox who constantly wanted to eat the chick. One of the episodes had a song that went “wings and drumsticks, drumsticks and wings. It ain’t polite to eat living things." Does anyone remember the name of this show?

Edit to add: I think it would be the obscurity level of “the wacky world of Tex Avery" and “Pompeii Pete".

Edit: FOUND IT! It’s a segment from Tex Avery called “Maurice and Mooch". All credit goes to /u/CStock77, that was impressive. For everyone’s viewing pleasure

- famedpretzel "Maurice and the Mooch," sound like a real winner!

Anyone else experience this issue?

I'm nearsighted. How come objects in my rearview mirrors are blurry as if they're far away without my glasses when the reflection itself is close to me? - Frolic-A-holic Because the light that's entering your eye is traveling from the object to the mirror, and then to your eye. Unlike a TV screen, in which the light is traveling just between the screen and your eyes.URTeacher.

There are so many commercials out there.

A British TV commercial back in the early 2000s, possibly late '90s. The setting as two guys sitting on a bench. One speaking English and a Finnish guy not understanding and simply repeating "Finland" over and over again. I can't for the life of me remember what it was advertising and Google is failing me when I look for it. Any help?? - theboyd1986 And once again, Reddit pulls through.

Yes! I can! It's an Abbey National advert with Alan Davies! I couldn't find it on YouTube but it's here.


I have the same issues with this story.

Can somebody freaking explain Where The Wild Things Are?

Cheese n Rice that sh*t just weirds me out when he’s attacking the dog in the beginning.

- brae_hicks This Redditor explains it the best: You remember when your parents punished you by sending you into isolation, a time-out, in your room, and you were maybe 5-6 years old, angry about this, and you imagined this fictional world in your anger where you were in control and everyone followed your rules? Made you king? Crowned you the wildest thing there ever was? But you eventually decided to go back to your family and get along?

The book's like a depiction of that early rebellious anger, and how it works in combination with a child's imagination as they try to sort their place in the world. Early developmental psychology.

The book sorta unconsciously resonates with kids, because they don't understand why they can relate with Max, because they don't understand the psychological and emotional science behind what they do, but kids just sorta 'know', they're very perceptive--even if they don't understand what is actually happening.


Our brains are weird.

When you read a newspaper, you tend to believe all the stories. If there was a story about you, you would know the bits that are false and get pissed at the paper for being so inaccurate. But as soon as you turn the page, you go back to assuming the words are all accurate. I read once on here that this is a known thing. A phenomenon maybe, or some sort of bias. But I don't know if it has a name. - The-Go-Kid Woah, that thought is wild. Gell-Mann Amnesia effect  Wadsworth_McStumpy. Share this article with your friend who needs some questions answered!