A TikToker has shared her uncomfortable one-sided conversation with a customer who refused to get the hint and continually hit on her. while she was trying to do her job.

User @mickey.ruiz made it impossibly clear to the man in her video that she wasn't at all interested in answering his questions, but the guy would simply not leave her alone and clearly had no regard for her personal boundaries.

In her uncomfortable video captioned "why do men?" you hear the man continually asking Ruiz inappropriate and overly personal questions seemingly trying to flirt with her, while her face shows blatant disinterest.

The video has racked up more than 6 million views, and most people seem to be disgusted by the man's behavior, while others shared their concern for her safety.

In the video, each reply Ruiz gave got blunter than the last.

At one point, the man asks her where she's from.

"Kent," she says before he asks what city Kent is in.

"Kent," she then replies bluntly which triggers even more personal questions, including if she has Instagram or if she goes to the beach. It's all very uncomfortable, we must say.

The video has received a lot of comments from other women sharing their own stories and fears of what they themselves have experienced as women in the same situation...

One Facebook user wrote: "My daughter quit working in food service altogether because too many men felt it was ok to touch her inappropriately as she waited tables. Happened at least once per shift, at multiple restaurants. Yes, she knows the difference between accidental as she went between tables and on purpose. Men need to understand this is not ok, nor is hitting on a woman in her workplace in any way ok. They need their jobs, management often doesn't have their back, so they will be pleasant in the hopes you will just go away. Stop it already!"

While another commented: "I looked underage for years. When I worked at a smoothie kiosk there were several significantly older men (twice or thrice my age in all but one case) who would try to leave their number or attempt flirting. I looked like a teenage kid! The 'why' is completely beyond me, but it was gross. One guy even had his eleven-year-old daughter with him, gave me his number, and asked me to meet him at a bar known for being seedy."

However, not everyone was on Ruiz's side, In the comments, a stranger called her "stuck up" for not engaging in conversation.

To which Ruiz reminded one of these strangers that "women don't owe you sh*t."

@mickey.ruiz Reply to @john.jimenez19 and women are the entitled and stuck up ones…
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"Many women have been hurt, murdered because they said no. So I would rather take the precautions of me still responding even though I was clearly uncomfortable rather than just being a b*tch and somehow risking my life."

It's heartbreaking that women need to be careful who they talk to and what information they give out even while they're just trying to do their job. Men need to take a lesson from this TikTok.