17 People’s Unconventional but Amazing Tips for Falling Asleep

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There are many different methods for hitting the hay every night.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. You have to find the best way you can catch some Zzzzzzzs for you!

People are sharing their unconventional sleep tactics… And you just might find something in here that works for you…

When I cant shut my brain off enough to sleep, I start an episode of property brothers on my phone, put in one earbud on low volume, and flip the phone over so the screen is dark. The gentle murmur of “open concept, hardwood floors, and stainless appliances with coordinated island and backsplash” keeps my anxious brain busy and lets me drift off.Corpsefeet

I start daydreaming. I put myself into crazy scenarios that would only ever happen in dreams. Like fighting in a medieval battle or being president, whatever. It always makes me fall asleep. I guess I just slip right into a dreaming state.HowManyAccountsPoo

If I read in bed, I’ll be out in ten minutes tops.oPtiMuSpRiMe2005

All the unfun stuff. Go to bed to sleep. Go alone. Go at the same time every night. Don’t nap in the day. No lights or tv’s or electronics before bed. Have a bedtime routine. Remove any stressors from your room.LtnSkyRockets

Maintain a good routine. If you go to bed at the same time your body will get used to it. But you need to make sure you do have enough hours set aside for sleep so that you wake up naturally. Also: Lay off caffeine from the afternoon onwards Don’t use booze to help you sleep (it might help you get to sleep but your quality of sleep will suffer)Its_all_pretty_neat

white noise close your eyes and move them left and right repeatedly. I’m serious, do this for 15min and you’re asleep no caffeine after 20:00batrates

I listen to semi-boring podcasts. Something that will keep my attention off existential problems but won’t keep me awake. I’m usually out in five minutes flat where I used to take an hour to fall asleep.portwallace

I have three tricks (I’ve had a lot of success with the first in particular):

  • Enumerate the Monopoly board properties clockwise from Go (if you’ve played the game enough to have them memorized, of course)
  • Imagine cutting your lawn, at real speed, as slowly as you would have to go if you were physically pushing the mower
  • Imagine yourself ice-skating alone on a rink at night with only a couple floodlights overhead, with freshly zamboni’d ice. Here’s the trick: you have to remember the path your skates make on the ice

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    I get everything in readiness to climb into bed. Then, I sit in a comfy chair and read until my eyelids start to “droop” – at which point I climb into bed and succumb to sleep.Back2Bach

    I have a plush toy that I cuddle. I don’t care about being judged, because I sleep so well now.AverageAnon3

    I sleep on the floor. have for years nowDfnoboy

    I try to think of one thing only. Working nights sleep is difficult. I focus on one thing. Usually flying. I visualize myself flying and seeing everything from the sky.kickwurm

    Bob Ross. Happy mountains and trees will put you to sleep almost immediately.Digital_Pharmacist

    Take your clothes off. Seriously. It will help you cool down, you won’t get so sweaty, and you can feel the sheets/duvet whatever against your skin which will help you sleep. Also, I tend to listen to some music or ASMR stuff, with headphones in so I can’t see the screen and by the time it’s done I’m pretty much ready to go to sleepAndotherstories_

    I just make a stiff drink an hourish before bed about 1 part rum or vodka and 2 parts whatever juice. When the alcohol starts wearing off I get a wave of sleepiness then I’m out. For the record, I really don’t suggest you do this.Akardos1

    I pretend to build a house. I’ve done this for years and have a really awesome house in my head. Sometimes it backfires. I’ll think of an idea then I have to Google about it haha_Skylake_

    I just exercise a lot. I play soccer, I practice 4x a week for sometimes 2 hours and lift 3x a week. I’m sure that’s 99% of the reason I fall asleep w/out problems.PMNudesAmVirgin Now share this with your friends before you fall asleep!