Undercover Cops Reveal Their Wildest Stories | 22 Words

Undercover Cops Reveal Their Wildest Stories

We've all seen them portrayed in big-budget Hollywood films – the tough undercover cops who are willing to completely compromise their looks, personality, and their ethics in order to take down the bad guy. But what are undercover officers like in real life? Are their characteristics true to the ones we see in the movies?

Spoiler alert: It really is like the movies! The following 30 stories will have you on the edge of your seat, and make you feel pretty darn bad about your own boring profession.

"My dad did undercover for several years and talked about a meth head that he hung out with all the time and even babysat her kids when she went out to get high."


This went on for several months while they were figuring out who the big dealer was and acquiring warrants. He grew a beard, had a fake ID, drove an old shitty car. Eventually, they got warrants to bust a bunch of people in the drug ring and he actually was part of the SWAT team at the time. He was part of the group that smashed in doors and arrested her and a bunch of others in the area. He said it was actually really difficult because he had become an important part of those kids’ lives and now they had no mother and had to be taken to child protective services. I have no idea how he balanced this crazy second life and then came home and acted like a normal husband and father in our family. - Crom80x

"I know a guy who often went undercover as a junkie."


He was committed. He'd stop showering for a while before a gig and piss on his tracksuit before going in to work. He was so good that he managed to get the same dealer convicted twice in the space of a year and they never suspected he was the rat. He had multiple police records under different names too. -Seanbeag

"I once was the gardener for a cop who worked undercover in the sex trade to identify pimps/traffickers and extract underage kids."


She retired early due to mental health issues likely stemming from drug use during her time undercover. To keep cover she would do the drugs that were being offered/used. Of course things spiraled out of control for her and suddenly she’s on permanent paid leave. "She stays in the house most days hiding from the world. So for her, what she did to keep cover is offer up her sanity in exchange for some successful arrests. -Whyevenbotherbeing

"My cousin was an under cover ATF agent."


They were trying to bust some guys for illegal alcohol distribution and were building a rapport by going undercover. My cousin doesn't take his ATF badge with him when he's undercover because if anyone ever saw it, he could get shot. Some hot-headed cops came over and started harassing them. My cousin couldn't blow his cover, but pretty soon the police started getting physical and they beat the crap out of my cousin and the guys he is trying to get evidence from. They take them all into the police station only to find out that my cousin is ATF. He's currently filing a lawsuit against that police dept. -Johnny_tremain

"As a former correctional officer, we had a situation where a major police department planted a cop in the prison to get information on a guy they believed was orchestrating hits from inside the prison."


The Warden knew and I knew (by accident) but not a single other CO knew, nor did any of the staff, including medical, and that's the way they wanted it. He went through receiving, he was categorized and placed. It was wild. He was there for a week, got the info they needed and got him out. It didn't become public knowledge that he was undercover until after I had left and it was a long while after as they were making a case. That was a surreal moment. -HunterQThompson

"I worked as a transcriptionist for a while, and I transcribed some tape taken off of body mics of undercover officers working a very notorious domestic terrorism case."


It was crazy! They would sound like an absolute backwoods hill people lunatics while talking to their marks, then later when talking to the other police officers would sound all business and like a very professional person. -Fenwai

"I know a guy (retired police officer) who works as an investigator of crooked doctors."


He dresses up in disguises and is given a fake name to use. He goes into doctor’s offices and tries to find out if a doctor who is suspected of over-prescribing narcotics is legit or not. He told me a story about a time he went in to see a dentist about a minor toothache and walked outta there with a prescription for Percocet and Dilaudid. He says there are plenty of legit doctors out there, but there are also a lot of careless ones who give into their drug-seeking patients. -YOUNGJOCISRELEVANT

"It wasn't me, but my grandfather. Guy worked narcotics. He had to get in with some guys who dealt meth and was pretending to be a user himself. I believe he actually had to shoot up once or twice. "


One day one of the higher-ups was starting to get suspicious, didn't believe my grandpa was actually a user or anything because he didn't have any marks on his arm. My grandpa told them that he doesn't shoot there, but near his pelvis, and said he was more than happy to pull down his pants and undies to show 'em. Dude didn't want see any d*** and my grandpa got away with it. He lives in a whole other state now for safety reasons because a lot of the guys he put away years ago are now getting out. -FookinBatman

"My husband and his brother worked for neighboring departments. Husband was undercover narcotics and his brother was a beat cop."


One night my husband was buying some crack from a group of dudes. One of the friends of the seller recognized my husband, probably from the court or something. The seller’s friend started saying 'This guy is a cop! I know he’s a cop. I’ve seen him before! You have to tell us if you’re a cop!"

First of all, that’s not true.

Second of all, my husband is a dick.

My husband replies 'No I’m not a cop. My piece of s*** brother is. How do you know my brother? Why do you know cops in [neighboring city]? [Seller], your boy is a narc. I’m not about to buy from a narc.'

Seller and his OTHER friends beat the guy who recognized my husband. Husband left the location unscathed, but sans crack. -GreatHammerHeadSnark

"My father's friend is an undercover officer who spent the last 2 months in the hospital."


He was put in a coma when his target found out that he was a cop. They beat him to death, so they thought. It took the police over an hour to get to him. He had a brain bleed and multiple fractures. The risk those guys take by going undercover is remarkable.

He made an amazing recovery and is now finishing recovery at home! -TRASHYRANGER

"Not me but a close family friend worked for 3 years as an undercover homeless narcotics officer in a beach city here in southern CA."


He was born and raised in this city so he fit in perfectly. He didn't cut his hair or beard and wore a colorful poncho sweater everyday with two rotating days off for almost 1100 days. He was so good at it he refused several promotions and became known as "hobocop" around the department and family. -rstates

"I worked forensic psych for over 15 years. Not long after I got started there, there was a story in the newspaper about a young cop who had just graduated from the academy. He was young but looked very young, like 16-17."


So the powers that be decided to put him in schools to combat the "growing drug problem" and he was playing a high school student interested in buying/dealing.

Apparently, all went well for a while, but then he started using cocaine (this was in the very early '80s). His habit got so bad it was noticed by his superiors and he was arrested.

All this to say, when he got to our hospital, he had a hole in his nose, in the septum, from snorting so much cocaine. He eventually was convicted and I forgot how much time he was given. -brutalethyl

"Not one myself, but my ex was. So there were lots of stories shared at parties."


The craziest one I heard was that one of them had a gun shoved in their mouth when they refused to sample the product (department had a strict policy about it). Was able to stall long enough to get to out of it. Barley. And yes, the cops outside were losing their minds listening to it unfold. Dude had been a UC for a long time and was a helluva talker. -JrSm1tty

"One time I had a Hollywood special effects guy to rig me up with a squib and radio control remote under my clothes."


I was supposed to get "shot" in a bust, where the two connected individuals would be there to witness. The facade was completed a couple months later, where I got an outpatient procedure to recreate a scar that looked like a bullet wound. About a year after that, I was re-inserted with so much cred I made it all the way to upper management and helped bring the organization down. -Tapoutking666

"My mother was a Los Angeles police officer for most of the late ‘70s. Because she's as hard as they come, she was selected to go undercover in the Hillside Strangler case and spent Most of December, 1977 and January, 1978 pretending to be a prostitute in and around Los Angeles."


Basically, she would get gussied up and hang out in parks, looking to get picked up. She has an assortment of pretty crazy stories - busting a PCP factory when she was 8 months pregnant with me, dropping a handcuffed rapist on his face after he tried punching her, chasing gang-bangers on foot through back alleys in South Central, neutralizing a hostage situation in which the perp claimed he was receiving messages from outer space. She’s pretty much my hero. -baronvonzeugma

"Not me, but my best friend when he was a cop. He was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous."


While working undercover, he got into a situation where the perpetrator wanted to go drinking with him. This left him in a dilemma. He chose to drink and later was able to make the arrest. He wrote it off as a job requirement and was able to not use his work-related drinking scenario as a relapse. He's been sober for over 25 years except for that one night while undercover. -markko79

"A friend of mine was a cop for years. One day he pulled over a speeder."


This grungy looking white trash guy gets out of the car. My friend peers at the guy standing on the side of the highway and says, 'Mark (or whatever his name was), is that you?' It was another cop he hadn’t seen for a long time. The guy (‘Mark’) shushes him and says, 'Just give me the ticket and don’t tell anyone you saw me.'

Turns out he had been undercover in a biker gang for about two years trying to find out where heroin was getting into the state from. -7LeagueBoots

"I got chatting to an ex-cop in an Irish bar in Baltimore."


He had worked an undercover case of breaking a high-end brothel. He had to pretend he was a British business man to get in as they didn't handle locals. Practiced the accent and all. -Contentbat

"My father's cousin was high up in the state police doing undercover work trying to bust a drug ring or whatever. He was invited to the wedding and they decided it was okay to break cover for it."


My mom's side of the family... a little rougher and tumble. Her father (my grandpa) brought a few of his hunting buddies to the wedding.

Come to the ceremony and my father's cousin looks uncomfortable the whole time. They get to the reception and the cousin gives my father his gift, a short congratulations, and leaves. Next up is my grandpa with his hunting buddies.

The one hunting buddy hands my dad $1,000 in cash and says 'Hey I don't know you but sorry I'm an a***.' He leaves.

My parents think nothing of it and the wedding ends. They are preparing for their honeymoon the next week when the state police come knocking. Turns out the hunting buddy was suspect number 1 in the undercover case that my dad's cousin was working and the police were there to protect the wedding photos and guest list- expecting that the drug ring would come looking for names and retribution.

The wedding compromised my father's cousin's cover and he was forced to move on the drug ring all become of my parent's wedding. -reddit_rump_rush

"Not my story but one of my professors used to be an undercover agent with Homeland Security."


He would do a lot of buy-and-bust type operations with drugs, weapons, you name it he has probably bought it. Anyway, he says one of the craziest things he has ever bought from an organization was somewhere in South America. It was a missile. Not like an RPG or rocket launcher type missile but a full-on military missile that could take out a small village if it was in the wrong hands. He had a ton of other stories but that one always stuck out. -damagedsquare

"A family friend of mine worked 10-plus years as a NYC undercover cop. As an undercover, he would always wear these outrageous costumes and disguises, and one of them was as an Hasidic Jew."


His job was to go into an illegally run brothel for a bust and give the go for a SWAT team to bust in. He and his partner walked into the brothel which, according to him, was a disgusting run-down apartment. Trying not to blow his cover, he continued pretending to be a customer. One of the girls took him into a room for what she thought was down and dirty time. Once he got into the room his job was to text and let the swat team know it’s go time but he had a major problem: He had no service. He then had to stall for as long as he could hoping that the SWAT team would get a hint. He argued with the girl about money, then proceeded to tell the girl what he would want her to do without doing anything. He basically just rambled and distracted for as long as he could until the SWAT team finally busted in. -Rushb87

"My dad was in the Baltimore Police department working drugs with The DEA and often went undercover."


He tells a story about these Russian brothers who bought a bunch of clubs downtown and ran a drug trafficking organization. In order to create evidence that the brothers were doing this, the DEA gave my dad a Ferrari, suit, Rolex, and a couple thousand bucks in order to play off as a rich guy looking to get some drugs and party. He was wired and they got the evidence they needed for the case. The money was disposable and he still got to have a good night. -Chemicalit

"Not necessarily on purpose, but my uncle had a crazy story about how he wasn’t killed while undercover. He was an undercover biker gang cop."


He used to wear a Mickey Mouse watch everywhere and forgot to wear it one day when he went out. One of the gang members stopped and grabbed his wrist to see if he was wearing the watch because they were going to kill the Mickey Mouse watch wearer. They had got wind he was undercover. So luckily he is still alive but had to get out of that place pretty quick after learning he was about to be killed. -TheCheeseMan98

"My law teacher used to be a cop."


He was undercover in a gay bar and was using the urinal, as a gay man embraced him from behind. As he was concealing a pistol, he couldn’t take the risk, so he kicked the man behind him in the balls. The man started crying, he felt terrible but had to keep his cover. -Kek_Commando98

"An undercover stake-out cop lived in our house for a little over a week pretending to be a cousin of my father visiting."


He was there watching our (fairly new) neighbors' smuggling business and illegal alcohol distribution. He told me his last assignment had been pretending to be a homeless person. The stint had been awful, he had been attacked by a real homeless person, it was mid-winter and horrible weather. The big break came after a couple of months when the "bad guys" felt sorry for him one day and invited him in to get warm. He had gotten to sit there and just hear everything he wanted. He said he felt a bit bad though after that.

Quite a contrast to his next assignment at our place where he got to sit on the porch in the summer drinking lemonade in a lounge chair for a week and got to join in when we had BBQ parties. -draug88

"I was part of a Coast Guard aircrew that was tasked with standing by for possible medevac purposes during a large marijuana growing operation bust."


We had just landed our helo in the town where the mission was to take place and we were in the airport FBO paying for fuel when another component of the mission arrived in a national guard helicopter. I’ll never forget this guy- he gets out of the back of the helo with the aircrew, but he’s the only one not wearing a uniform. He’s wearing jeans and a leather jacket, has a pistol on his hip, his hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he’s covered in tattoos. He and the national guard guys made their way in and he introduced himself as an undercover DEA agent. He was easily the coolest guy I’ve ever met. -swedishfish81

"I've never gone 'deep cover' myself, but I've served a few interesting search warrants."


Most notable of which was a college professor using University funds to buy expensive equipment and then fence (sell) it. We had surveillance on this guy for weeks before executing the warrant.

Dude had enough guns to equip a small army. Unfortunately, our search warrant included "any and all weapons." We spent more time inventorying old rifles and machine guns than anything actually relevant to the case (most of those were given back.)

The scariest thing was when we were going through some camera data. Dude had bunches of pictures of my partner and I in our unmarked doing advance surveillance. Given the arsenal he had, he could have eliminated us at any time. -revenant10-15

"Not me, but an old boyfriend in the DEA. He was originally from Colombia, completely fluent, and his job was doing deals in Central America."


The bad guys had decided that one of their comrades might be an informer, and they tortured him, right in front of my boyfriend. He had to stand there as if this was business-as-normal. When he came back from that job, he was obviously changed--paler and hyper-alert. Everywhere we went he was constantly looking around, never paid any attention to what I said. It took him a full week before he told me about it. He cried. He quit the DEA shortly thereafter. -[deleted]

"A friend of mines father was an ATF officer. Their group's goal was to of infiltrating the Hells Angels in Arizona and inevitably take them down."


I remember him telling me a story about how they covered up one of their officers in sheep's blood and put him in a ditch. The trick worked and they did end up succeeding in their overall mission. -starvulpes

"Dad worked undercover back in the '70s. There was a big drug trafficking problem at a college, so he posed as a student to get in with some of the crew."


He would go to parties and socialize with peers till he found the source then infiltrate.

At one party, in particular, the group was tripping hard on acid. So.....to make a scene and "fit in" he acted like a cow, ate grass from the front lawn and convinced the other guys it tasted like cotton candy...till they joined in.

Sometime later, they were able to bust up the trafficking ring and his success lead to promotion. He was offered the position of chief in a local precinct. He passed it up and told the board 'I'd rather get paid to party and meet chicks.'-chrisp_87