This just goes to show the incredible power of social media...

It's common knowledge that mental health isn't spoken about enough...

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Especially when it comes to men.

Men suffer just as much with their mental health as women do.

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According to a poll of 21,000 American men by researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), nearly one in 10 men reported experiencing some form of depression or anxiety, but less than half sought treatment.

And even sadder so...

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Men are known to die by suicide 3.5x more often than women.

This is utterly devastating to hear...

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And mental health simply isn't a case of "manning up."

The stigma surrounding men's mental health needs to be lifted...

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And one remarkable man from the U.K. is working tirelessly to try and do this.

This is Edmund O'Leary...

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He has sadly been unemployed for over a year now, after previously holding a former position as a mental health worker, and the fifty-one-year-old dad issued a heartbreaking tweet last week saying that he "isn't okay."

He lives alone...

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And his twin sons have now moved out for college, meaning he doesn't get to see them a lot - especially during the pandemic.

Edmund asked his followers to say hello if they had the time to make him feel better...

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But the response he got was staggering.

More than 300,000 people liked the tweet...

And Edmund received more than 100,000 direct comments from kind-hearted strangers checking in on him.

Edmund was overwhelmed with the floods of kind messages...

And there's no doubt how his message sparked a conversation about men's mental health that was seriously needed.

After his story went viral, Edmund appeared on British breakfast show This Morning to talk about the stigma surrounding men's mental health.

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He spoke about what prompted him to tweet his message, with him explaining: "On Friday I was feeling very depressed and isolated and I have a Twitter friend who writes similar things. I thought if it worked for him it could work for me."

He simply couldn't believe the response he got.

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"The phenomenal response is a lot about timing, it was daytime in America and a lot of people were sick and tired of all the bad news on Twitter," he said. "I will keep in touch with some of these people, I would need to employ staff to reply to every tweet."

Presenter Eamonn Holmes then said, "You aren't alone."

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"Suffering with depression during normal times is one thing. But to end up suffering with depression during a global pandemic, where there is little good news, is devastating," Edmund explained, outlining how so many of us have been struggling with this terrible year.

This Morning decided to hold a phone in for viewers who also weren't feeling okay on that day following their conversation with Edmund...

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And when asked what he would say to anyone watching (in particular men) who are also not feeling okay, he said: "I've received a lot of private messages [from men] to say that they could not do what I did and they have been applauding me... I would say to men is to reach out for help and to loved ones, don't feel alone, and I think we are in for a pretty awful winter by all accounts. Seek medical help if necessary."

Here is Edmund's original tweet:

If any of the subjects addressed in this article have affected you, click here to get some advice on mental health awareness. Please remember, you are not alone.