‘Unicorn Dog’ With One Ear in the Middle of Her Head Becomes Internet Sensation

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Ah, another day, another pet internet sensation. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or something a bit more exotic… we all love a good old internet-famous pet.

The latest pet to take the internet by storm is an adorable pup named Rae who resembles a unicorn because of a little birth defect. She is one of the most unique pets you’ll ever see.

Keep scrolling to see some adorable snapshots of the golden retriever…

The adorable four-legged creatures never fail to steal our hearts.

It may become hard to stand out.

An accidental injury at birth meant that her left ear was taken from her head, but what’s even more interesting id the fact that over her lifetime, her right ear slowly moved to the top of her head…

But nonetheless, she’s gorgeous, playful and loves to pose in front of the camera so here are some photographs taken from her very own Instagram.

This photograph was captioned “poofy ear” because her horn is very fluffy indeed.

Her owner put up this three-part series showing her enjoying her free time.

“What my ear looks like almost every time I come out of my crate after a nap!”

Look at how adorable she is!

Is play with her frisbee.

“No filter needed…” That’s true, she’s beautiful as she is.

And after it gained popularity, so did her Instagram account.

And gets hundreds of likes on her photos.

Here she is coming home from a long day at doggy-day-care.

She loves going on walks!

Fetch is one of her favorite games to play. Look at how she’s clutching onto the stick, aw!

No one could ever resist those eyes, could they?

This is the day Rae decided to join her mom at work for a quick cuddle.

We love and appreciate you!

We’re all obsessed with Rae!

This bearded little hipster is also very adorable…