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Unique Items You’ll Be Surprised to Find on Amazon

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If you go looking deep enough, you can find nearly anything on Amazon. But that’s the tricky part: finding those amazing and unique items buried in the thousands and thousands of options on the site. The secret is that you don’t have to. We’ve already scoured Amazon to find the most exciting items you would never expect off of the shopping behemoth. Everything from baby products to beauty items, household goods and pet supplies: we’ve found the unique options that no one else has that will become instant favorites. Get ready to add one or two…or five or ten things to your cart because you do not want to miss out on these products. In fact I’m willing to bet you’ll find something none of your friends have that will make everyone you know a little bit jealous. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the amazing things hidden on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Mats Provide a Cushy Kitchen Experience

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You probably spend more time standing in your kitchen than in any other room of your home. At least make sure you’re comfortable. This set of matching anti-fatigue floor mats includes two rectangular mats that are the same width but different lengths (28 inches and 47 inches). They feature a non-skid bottom and a waterproof top for the ideal pairing to withstand a lot of abuse.

This Water Play Mat Will Make Baby Love Tummy Time

Babies, in general, hate tummy time with the passion of a thousand suns. Know what will make it a much more fun process for you both? This water play mat, which has interesting sea animals that move with a baby’s touch! It’s so cute I wish they made an adult size.

Your New Best Buds Are These Amazing Earbuds

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Wireless earbuds are almost a necessity in the 21st century, but that $200 price tag is not. These wireless earbuds come from TaoTronics and you can snag them for less than $50. They deliver rich sound, boosted bass, noise cancellation and one-step pairing. Maybe best of all, at least according to me, is that you can purchase them in black, which is something I desperately want the powers that be at Apple to get on with.

The Teeth Whitening Product that Actually Works

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Yes, they actually work! I know that I’ve tried a lot of teeth whitening products and have never found one I like…until now. As an avid coffee drinker, I use these all the time and whenever I have an event, they are my go-to. In minutes, my teeth look whiter and cleaner without the sensitivity. A cult favorite that I will keep buying again and again – I can’t recommend these enough.

The Loops You Need to Keep Extension Cables Looking Tidy

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If your extension cables are sitting in a jumbled pile somewhere in the garage, consider tidying things up with these loops. The high-density weave can support up to 50 pounds — and reviewers loved how well they work. “Solved my problem of how to store coiled rope, garden hoses, and extension cords,” wrote one. “They are also being used to secure items like lawn chairs, multiple boat cushions, canoe wheels, compound bow case, etc., to the hooks on the wall in the garage.” Extension cords are basically impossible to keep organized, so these loops are a lifesaver.

These Stacking Rings are a Huge Hit

If you have young kids, you know that half the battle is keeping them distracted. These stacking rings are an instant classic that babies and toddlers can’t get enough of! The colorful rings have all different textures to keep it interesting, and they’re safe in case babies want to mouth them (along with everything else they can grab!) These rings have nearly 23,000 stellar reviews for being great helpers for developing motor skills.

This Portable Sound Machine Means Good Sleeping Anywhere

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When my kids were little, one of my biggest fears was being somewhere without our white noise sound machine when it was naptime or bedtime. The good news is someone invented this portable sound machine, that’s small enough to clip onto strollers for on-the-go snoozes and easy to pack for travel should you be intrepid enough to attempt with an infant (or if you just like white noise yourself). Just because it’s portable doesn’t mean it’s not powerful, you’ll get the same white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf sounds as the full-size models.

This Perfect Skinny Storage

Tell me I’m not alone: Small space, but there’s storage needed. Unfortunately, nothing quite fits … until now. I found this 10-tier narrow organizer quite by accident, but it has been a very happy surprise. It fits perfectly where I needed it to and can even be reduced in size by simply leaving off a tier or two (in case it’s too tall). And, no, I don’t use it for shoes, although I certainly have enough pairs to justify one of these.

Let’s Hear It for Heat Relief with This Heating Pad

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I’m just like my grandmother in that I enjoy a good heating pad. There’s nothing like a little heat therapy at the end of a long day to just make you feel better. This extra-large heating pad from Mighty Bliss is a fan favorite with reviews raving about how comfortable it is, how thick it is and how machine washable it is. Sounds like three-for-three to me.

This Amazingly Slim Ice Pack

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I love the look of bento boxes for lunchtime, but how do you keep anything cold in those things? Enter these slim ice packs that work as well for lunch boxes as they do bento boxes. Oh, you say you’re not into carrying dino ice packs into the office? Fine, party pooper. These also come in pineapple and rocket ship designs for yourself or your little ones who’ll be too cool for school.

These Command Hook Shelves Level Up Your Decor

You know when you want a display shelf but don’t want to put holes in the wall? Try these Command Hook Shelves that go up anywhere and stay secure thanks to 3M technology! Use a bunch to display a large collection, or just a few as extra storage in the bathroom, kitchen, or any place else you desire. They truly elevate the design of any space.

This Bodysuit Can Be Worn So Many Different Ways

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Bodysuits like this one are usually priced pretty high at big department stores and online retailers. But why would you spend the money when you get this one for less than $20? I know what you’re thinking–the more expensive something is, the higher the quality, right? Not always. And just because something is cheap doesn’t mean that it won’t last you for years. This bodysuit is the perfect example of that.

The Morning Liquid Multivitamin for Those Who Aren’t Great With Pills


I’ve never had an issue swallowing pills but I know a lot of people who do. Don’t skimp on essential vitamins and minerals because you struggle with choking down those horse pills. You can still get the supplements you need in a tangy liquid format with MaryRuth’s liquid morning multivitamin. Choose from raspberry, strawberry, or “fruit” flavorings to benefit your overall health and give you an immunity boost.

These Overnight Diaper Booster Pads Help Everyone Sleep Better

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Even the most robust nighttime diaper can’t stand up to most kids for overnights…until now. These overnight diaper booster pads keep babies and toddlers drier, longer, so they won’t wake you up in the middle of the night when they inevitably soak through. Over 7,000 very happy and well-rested parents say these are a total game-changer. If you’re a new parent, pop these in your cart right now.

Red-Eye Relief from These Impressive Eye Drops

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Late night? Too much debauchery? Not interested in having people ask you why you look so tired? Nothing I’ve ever seen eliminates red, tired-looking eyes like Lumify, developed by Bausch and Lomb. I bought some of these redness reliever eye drops shortly after they were introduced to the market, mainly because I’m a sucker for Facebook ads and new products. To my great surprise, these deliver in a matter of minutes. Now you can party all night and still be up in the morning to work.

Achieve The Perfect Temp with This Meat Thermometer

I’ve been cooking meat for a long time, but never better than when I’m using a meat thermometer. Why did I wait so long to invest in one of these? This one, from ThermaPro, is digital and waterproof as well as motion-sensing so it’s awake and ready to go when you are. It doesn’t just work for meat temperatures, though. You’ll find it to be super handy when baking or candy-making, too. Get ready to have the game changed.

These Cold Therapy Packs Give a Dose of Cute Comfort for Fevers and Teething

When my kids were little, I always kept a stack of these cute ice therapy packs in the freezer for everything from fevers, to toothaches to bumps and bruises. They’re small enough to hit exactly the right spot, but still provide perfect coldness. This set of four ice packs can be wiped clean and used over and over for cool relief. I still use them myself sometimes.

This Top is an Easy Way to Look Dressed Up With Very Little Effort

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One can never have too many simple blouses. You can wear them as is in the summer or layer them up with a cardigan or jacket in the winter. This tank top is the ideal basic layering piece that can be worn with anything and everything. The lace is a fun, romantic detail that dresses the top up instantly. You can bet I am going to wear it on my next date night.

This Infantino Baby Carrier is So Versatile

There are a million baby carriers on the market, but I love this Infantino Flip because it’s so versatile. It’s a four-in-one design that has a convertible facing-in, facing-out design for babies through older toddlers up to 32 pounds to let you comfortably carry them for a long time! It also has over 30,000 rave reviews for being so easy to use and a great value.

These Teether Pops Work So Well

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Teething is the worst, but you can make it a whole lot better with these teether pops. Simply fill with water, breastmilk, regular milk, or what have you and freeze – the icy cold treat helps baby feel better immediately! They also won’t melt everywhere since they’re enclosed in a silicone covering with holes at the top for the liquid to flow once it melts.

Get a Natural Glow With This Glow Enhancer Lotion

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​Sometimes you just want a little bit of coverage without caking on foundation. For me, that’s pretty much every day. Since I work from home, I can’t be bothered to do my makeup unless I’m running errands. And even then, the chances are pretty slim. That’s why products like this glow enhancer lotion are big wins in my book. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, under foundation to give you a little extra glow, or highlight your face and body. You’ll look dewy and ready for summer with very little effort. 

This Uber Flattering T-Shirt Dress

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The best dresses in the world are the ones that are somehow both comfy and also structured enough that they look on point. This dress is one of those. It’s made of t-shirt material so you know you’re going to love wearing it, but it also has a great belt so that you don’t end up looking shapeless. Absolute perfection.

This Makeup Brush Set is All You Need to Create the Insta Eye Look

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This makeup brush set is specifically made for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and everything else eye makeup-related. Plus, each order comes with an angled brush that works great with gel or liquid liner. Oh, you’ve never used an angled brush? Well prepare to have your life changed, because liner is a completely different game when you’ve got the angled brush. Snag the whole set to see.

This Baby Toothbrush is Safe and Effective

Within the first six months of life, a new baby starts sporting some new pearly whites. It’s a good idea to start brushing early so they get used to the process. But of course that’s easier said than done. This baby toothbrush is super safe to use, and easy for them to grip so that brushing is not a battle. And it has bristles on the top and bottom to make brushing even faster!

These Exfoliating Pads are Better Than a Facial

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These Nip + Fab glycolic fix night pads extreme do an amazing job of exfoliating your skin to get rid of hyperpigmentation, dullness, and acne scarring, at a much cheaper rate than the spa charges for a facial! These extremely well-reviewed pads (over 7,700 ratings for an outstanding 4.5 stars) are such a smart buy since they really do what the advertising copy says! There are so many inspirational stories in the reviews of people totally turning their skin around after using these pads.

This Lip Tint Lasts All Day

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I love wearing lipstick, but I hate having to reapply every time I eat or drink, which is why I’m always looking for a lipstick that will stay put. Summer weather makes the problem even worse, so finding the perfect lippie for summer is a high necessity. This lint tint has become an Amazon top seller due to its wide variety of colors, high pigmentation, and lasting wear time: the perfect solution to smearing or disappearing lipstick.

Attract Some Wildlife to Your Garden With This Feeder and Bath

I love bird watching and this sunflower-shaped feeder and birdbath looks like the perfect addition to an outdoor space. (It’s also just an attractive piece by itself!) Not only is it cute, it’s also super easy to assemble. Pop it together, then sit back and wait for a variety of feathered friends to visit you. I cannot think of anything more relaxing.

This Vitamin C Serum Will Brighten Your Complexion

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No matter what you have planned for the day, you want to start things out by making sure your face is fresh. All you have to do is use a few drops of this vitamin C serum every morning, and it can help brighten your complexion — all while helping to fade the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It can also help fade acne scars, and this bottle, in particular, even contains hyaluronic acid to help lock moisture into dry skin. That’s some seriously powerful serum.

Give Yourself The Comfortable Sleep Support You Need with This Body Pillow

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If you’re like me, your ideal sleep situation is covered in a pile of pillows while supported on clouds as soft as cotton candy. Now this body pillow doesn’t quite go that far, but it’s as close as I can get. Support meets comfort with this memory foam body pillow. The pillow conforms to your body shape to help you find a comfortable position and drift into the deepest sleep. Plus, the 5-star reviews speak for themselves: Guaranteed you’ll love cuddling this body pillow.

This Gadget That Removes Hair Painlessly

Got a few stray hairs on your lip you’d like to get rid of? This gadget removes hair completely painlessly — and it’s even rechargeable via USB. So keep it with you in your bag for quick touch-ups, or simply use it when getting ready at home. The best part? It’s gentle enough for all types of skin.

This Solar-Powered Windchime Changes Colors

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How pretty is this solar-powered hummingbird wind chime that changes colors once the sun goes down? It gets great reviews for being bright, colorful, and very durable because it’s plastic instead of glass. Just hang it in a sunny spot during the day and watch the show come nightfall!

This Supplement Works On Any Kind of Plant

Not all supplements work for all plants — except for this versatile one. Throw it into herbs, flowers, or even bushes if they need a boost. And believe it or not? It’s so potent that it’ll even work on dead pee spots in your yard. It’s that powerful! As a certified plant killer, this is a must have for me.

These Shorts Have Become a Cult Classic In My Wardrobe

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Confession time: I’ve worn these shorts three times this week. Oh and I may or may not have just ordered more colors off Amazon – whoops. These biker shorts are so cute styled with an oversized sweatshirt for your next grocery run or with a sports bra for your next yoga sesh. The countless 5-star reviews don’t lie – everyone agrees these are incredible.

This Fridababy Windi Tool Helps Symptoms of Colic


Here’s the thing: if you have a small child, you know that colic is evil. You will do anything to end the colic. Is this Fridababy Windi a little undignified? Yes, but does it work when you’re at your wit’s end with non-stop colic screaming? Also a resounding yes. It simply and effectively helps baby pass gas that’s causing discomfort and hours of hysterics.

This Wash Bag Brings the Laundromat to You

Have you ever been on vacation, and you needed to wash a top (or a pair of pants, or underwear, or whatever), and had no idea where the nearest laundromat was? Same. I got this little wash bag for my last vacation, and it was so worth it. I can wash whatever I bring with me, so I can even pack lighter … but I probably still won’t.

Get the Perfect Lighting with This Ring Light

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We’re all spending a lot of time on Zoom these days, and if you’re like me no matter where you sit in your house the light makes you look a bit like a vampire. I simply will not accept it, which is why I got myself this little ring light. Turns out it’s great for all kinds of things: snapping the perfect selfie, filming that TikTok craze you’ve always wanted to try out, or making your face look more alive during a Zoom meeting.

This Cactus Scratching Post is Cute and Functional

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As the proud parent of three cats, we go through a lot of scratching posts in my house. More often than not, my rooms are littered with ugly and boring posts that are mostly destroyed. So when I saw this super cute cactus, I snapped it up right away. Who said that cat toys couldn’t be functional AND decorative?