Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Surprise and Delight Your Significant Other

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it will be here before you know it.

If you’re one of those people who love to plan ahead and is always ready for everything, you’re probably not freaking out even a little bit. The rest of us, on the other hand, are definitely getting a little anxious about finding the perfect gift (or experience, or whatever) for our significant other. Sure, you can complain all you want about how Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday that encourages thoughtless consumerism and candy consumption, but at the end of the day, you want to do something for your partner that shows that you appreciate them.

Luckily for you, the Internet is filled with all kinds of unique gift ideas that won’t take all your money (or time!). We’ve compiled a bunch of our favorites right here in this gallery!

1. Jack and Coke “Cake”

I mean, why not get your partner something they’re actually going to use? The flowers are a nice and festive touch, too!

2. Special Place Maps

Trace a heart over maps of significant places in your relationship (where you met, where you had your first kiss, where you got married, etc.), cut them out, and mount them in a frame. Hang it up somewhere in your home and you’ll be sure to smile every time you see it!

3. “Open When” Envelopes

This is a gift that keeps on giving. Write letters or print out pictures and stuff them into envelopes to be opened in varying situations. This is an especially great idea for long-distance couples!

4. 365 Jar

This gift will take some time, but the result will be totally worth it. Write meaningful song lyrics, memories, compliments, and other cute stuff on slips of paper and put them into a jar. If you do 365 of them, your significant other will be able to look at one every single day for a whole year!

5. Post-It Heart

How cute is this? Write lovey-dovey messages on a bunch of sticky notes and arrange them into a heart on a mirror or window!

6. Donuts!

Who doesn’t like donuts? Nobody, that’s who. Add a good pun to the mix and you’ve got a Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to get you some major points.

7. Running Shoes

If your SO enjoys running or hiking, how about a new pair of shoes? Don’t forget to write a punny message inside the shoe box too!

8. Socks

Once you get to a certain age, socks are actually one of the best gifts ever. I love the little message on the packaging of these ones!

9. Kisses!

Kisses are a great Valentine’s Day gift — chocolate ones, too! This is another great gift for long-distance couples.

10. Banana Notes

Did you know that if you lightly scratch a banana with a needle, it’ll turn brown just in that spot? Use this newfound knowledge to leave a sweet note in your sweetie’s lunch!

11. The 5 Senses

Get one gift that plays to each of the five senses. A candle or cologne works great for “smell,” candies are ideal for “taste,” etc. Feel free to get creative, especially when it comes to “sight.”

12. 52 Reasons I Like You

All you need for this gift is a deck of cards a hole punch, and some ribbon. Print out the text and glue it on the cards (or just write directly on them).

13. A Deck of Dates

Here’s another card deck idea that’s sure to please. Come up with some date night ideas and present them in a cute little stack like this one. This is yet another gift that keeps on giving!

14. Candy Poster

Getting candy for your valentine is sort of a no-brainer. Getting a bunch of different candies for them is pure genius.

15. Sweet Baseball Message

If your significant other loves baseball, why not use this gift to tell them what a great catch they are? (This gift also pairs well with tickets to a game!)

16. Decorated Toilet Paper

Look, not every gift has to be super serious. If you and your partner have a wacky sense of humor, this decorated roll of toilet paper is pretty amazing. And you’ll actually use it, too!

17. Water Balloon Fight

Prepare a bunch of water balloons for an impromptu water balloon fight in the yard. (You could also do NERF guns if you live in a place that’s way too cold for water balloons in February!)

18. The Bait and Switch

Surprise your partner with a video game they’ve been wanting to play, but disguise it as a rom-com to throw them off the scent.

19. Floating Messages

Get a bunch of balloons and dangle love notes or pictures from the strings. You can float them over the bed, leading up the stairs, throughout the house — wherever works best for you!

20. Love Tackle Box

Here’s yet another great way to show your sweetie what a “catch” they are. Bonus points if the candies inside are all fish-themed!

21. Love Dry-Erase Board

The glass of a picture frame functions like a dry-erase board! Print out the “I love you because of ______” message and place it in the frame. Now you can fill the board with different reasons throughout the year.

22. Heart Knot

Looking for a unique way to jazz up your Valentine’s Day gift this year? How about tying a heart-shaped knot?

23. Adventure Fund Shadow Box

Cut a slit in the top of a shadow box (available at craft stores), then decorate the inside with an adventure theme. You can use the shadow box to save up for your next vacation!

24. Ticket Stub Shadow Box

Or, you can use the shadow box to collect ticket stubs for various movies, concerts, sporting events, and other stuff you guys go together!

25. Exploding Box

These “exploding” boxes are always so cool. Decorate each flap with a different picture or message and watch their eyes light up as they look at each one.

26. Heart Photo Collage

This takes some planning, but the effect is so cool! It would look so nice in a sleek black frame.

27. Love Note Pillbox

Love is the best medicine! Make Valentine’s Day last all week with this fun idea using a pill reminder, candy, and cute notes.

28. Date Night Jar

Write a bunch of date night ideas on popsicle sticks. Color coordinate them by type of date if you wish. This idea makes date night so much easier — the planning is pretty much done!

29. Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Get a bunch of lottery tickets and tape them onto bamboo skewers, creating a “bouquet.” Add some candy in there for good measure!

30. Gift in a Balloon

Here’s a way to make whatever gift you get a little more exciting — put it inside a balloon! Share this with someone who might like these ideas!