It's been an interesting year, that's for sure. But if one thing has dominated the news more than any other it is undeniably the deadly virus of COVID-19 which has changed the shape of the world a whole.

Masks have become a part of many of our daily lives - however now people are furious, after a family were reportedly banned for life from United Airlines because their 2-year-old daughter refused to wear one.

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Over recent months, our lives have changed completely.

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A pandemic has taken over.

However, in the past few weeks, little bits of normality have been appearing...

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With things beginning to slowly reopen again.

But while things are getting back to normal, we must still take precautions...

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And that includes the use of face masks.

Throughout the last few months, face masks have become the norm...

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And they are now mandatory in most public spaces and transport.

But there are issues with face masks that many people have discovered...

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Some masks have been found to be incredibly harmful to the environment, with thousands already littering our oceans.

But the other issue is that many people have discovered how uncomfortable face masks can be.

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Particularly when they are worn for a long period of time.

They can also make it hard to breathe whilst wearing.

You may think the uncomfortable nature is a small price to pay for the safety they could provide.

But obviously, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether they actually provide enough protection.

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The world seems to be divided on the issue, with lots of people claiming that the masks are in fact only an accessory used to control the masses.

And that's why many are refusing to wear them.

Anti-lockdown protests have been taking place, even since the President shut the country down a few months ago as people would rather "live freely than be oppressed by masks." Yikes.

Despite this, health experts have stressed their importance.

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Healthline describes them as "crucial in the fight against the pandemic." They stressed that this rule is to protect others and not yourself. Wearing a mask reduces the transmission of the disease by at least half.

Another person to stress their importance was scientist and presenter, Bill Nye.

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Commonly known as "Bill Nye the Science Guy", he shared 2 videos on TikTok that highlighted just how important and effective face masks can be.

In the videos, the sixty-four-year-old conducted a simple experiment using several types of facing coverings and a candle.

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But there's one other TikToker who's offered a rather controversial perspective...

One popular TikToker with a strong anti-mask stance was Jada Woods.

But she eventually had a change of heart - and it was for a truly heartbreaking reason.

She'd shared her journey from her now-deleted TikTok account...

From saying she doesn't believe in wearing masks to tearfully sharing that multiple members of her family had caught the virus.

Watch the full video here.

But now there's another controversial video doing the rounds.

This time it's all about United Airlines.

Who, according to TMZ, kicked a family off one of their airlines and banned them for life.


Because on a recent flight that was about to take off their 2-year-old daughter wouldn't wear her mask.

The family did everything they could to get her to wear the mask.

Including the father quite literally holding it over her face.

A flight attendant then came over and told the couple that they had to get off the flight.

The father did everything he could to explain things to the flight attendant but he wouldn't budge.

Then they claim they were also banned for life from the airline.

Not only that, but apparently the airline also wouldn't remove their luggage from the cargo hold, which included their daughter's car seat so it ended up a long way away...