Unless Your Name Is Carol or Linda, These Tweets Will Definitely Make You Laugh

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Twitter is so weird. I don’t know why I’m ever surprised by anything people do on there, but somehow I am. And yet, I still keep coming back for more.

There’s no real explanation for the weirdness of the following tweets — or the blind hatred of Carol and Linda — you’ll just have to see for yourself.

We’re not exactly sure who Carol is, but she sure has made a whole lot of people angry.

Carol is that snarky secretary at your work who just won’t mind her own damn business.

But wait…how did Buzz Lightyear know to freeze if he thought he wasn’t a toy?

But this is like some kind of weird millenial revenge on baby boomers, and it is hilarious.

But it turns out that Carol is not alone.

Don’t you know that dogs can’t have chocolate, Linda?

Don’t fight in front of the penguin!

We all have a little Keith in us. In this instance, though, Linda might have a little more than most.

And it just descended into madness (as if we weren’t there already).

Karen and Keith would make a good couple, but damn Linda has tied Keith down.

Poor Karen just wanted some rum. And why wouldn’t she? Her date seems like a jerk.

But he does have a point there, Janet. You certainly can speak to my manager, but he’s just going to tell you the exact same thing I just did.

And people say millennials waste money.

…The smartest idiot I’ve ever heard of.

Since apparently she’s joined the A$AP Crew and is entering into rap battles. It’s nice to see the generation gap closing like that!