20 Unsolved Celebrity Murders That Will Haunt Us Forever

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Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

Some of the most tantalizing cases are the ones we can’t solve, and Hollywood is full of them. What really happened in the most high-profile cases of yesteryear?

Check out our list of these 20 insane (and unsolved) celebrity murders and find out for yourself!

Natalie Wood’s death certificate was changed thirty years after she died.

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Wood had been on a yacht with her husband, Robert Wagner, and actor Christopher Walken. The next morning, her body was found floating in a Catalina Island cove next to a dinghy. She and her husband had apparently been arguing the night before. Although her death was ruled an accident, many people believed Wagner had killed her. The police declared him not a suspect in 2011, but in 2013, the cause of death on her certificate was changed from “accidental drowning” to drowning as a result of “undetermined factors.”

The culprits Tupac Shakur’s infamous shooting have never been identified.

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The rapper was mortally wounded in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He later died in the hospital. His death was thought to be gang-related, as a member of the Crips gang had been seen near Shakur the night of the shooting. Sufficient evidence was never found, however, and no arrests were made for Shakur’s murder.

George Reeves died with four other people in the same house.

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Reeves reportedly shot himself in the head in his home while his fiancé and three friends were downstairs. Although his death was ruled a suicide, the facts remain that the four people downstairs waited to call the police, and stray bullet casings were found in the body. Before the case was closed, both Reeves’ fiancé and an MGM executive, Eddie Mannix (whose wife Reeves had an affair with) were considered suspects for murder.

Jill Dando’s shooting sparked a manhunt that ultimately yielded no results.

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Shot once in the head as she was returning to her home, the English journalist died just outside her West London home. An arrest was made later, but the suspect in question was acquitted years later. Theories for Dando’s murder ranger from a jealous stalker to a hit from a Serbian dictator.

Peter Ivers’ goodwill may have ruined his murder investigation.

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The famous musician and host of the New Wave Theater was found bludgeoned to death in his apartment in 1983. After he died, dozens of friends went to his apartment to mourn him, and accidentally tampered with evidence. As a result, this case is officially still under investigation, having never been solved. On the next page, was this Hollywood martial artist’s death an accident, a murder…or even a curse? Speculation has never stopped.

Bruce Lee fell asleep one day and never woke up.

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On July 20, 1973, the martial arts master and actor failed to show up for a dinner. After his body was discovered, it was ruled he died of a brain edema due to a muscle relaxant he’d been given. Some theorized that he’d been murdered instead. When his son was killed on the set of The Crow 20 years later, it was even rumored the family was cursed.

David Carradine died under particularly strange circumstances.

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The actor, at 72, was found dead in a hotel room in Thailand, where he was shooting a film. Carradine was found naked, hanging by a rope, and evidence suggested his death was the cause of autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong. Carradine’s ex-wives did confirm his “deviant sexual behavior,” although they also claim his death was an assassination.

Johnny Stompanato’s death was supposedly at the hands of his girlfriend’s daughter.

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Stompanato (pictured left), the bodyguard for gangster Micky Cohen (pictured right), was also allegedly an abusive boyfriend. His fatal stabbing was eventually determined to be a justifiable homicide at the hands of actress Lana Turner’s 14-year-old daughter, Cheryl Crane. Rumors continued to persist that Turner had committed the murder and had her daughter take the fall, although no evidence has ever come to light.

Thelma Todd died mysteriously in her car.

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The actress was discovered in her garage, behind the steering wheel of her car. She died of carbon monoxide poisoning. It was believed that she had either committed suicide or accidentally killed herself while warming up the car. However, blood spots in the car and Todd’s broken nose caused some to believe she’d been murdered.

Virginia Rappe’s death was briefly attributed to a fellow silent-film actor.

At a party in Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s hotel room in September of 1920, Rappe became ill. When she went for treatment at a hospital three days later, it was too late and she died from peritonitis, caused by a ruptured bladder. Arbuckle was later charged with her murder in 1921, as some believed her condition had been the result of sexual assault. After three trials (the first two ended in hung juries), Arbuckle was acquitted of the charge and issued an apology. Whatever caused the peritonitis that killed Rappe remains a mystery. One of the most iconic musicians in rock history died in strange circumstances. Find out what theories arose from his death on the next page!

Was Jimi Hendrix’ death a murder or accident?

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An autopsy revealed that the famous musician choked to death on his own vomit, while under the influence. It also revealed that wine and barbiturates had filled his lungs and stomach. Some speculated that the wine found in him had been forced down his throat. Despite his death being ruled accidental, the details surrounding it remain murky…

William Desmond Taylor’s illicit affair may have gotten him killed.

While he was a successful silent film director, Taylor’s personal life was much more rocky. After he was found shot in the back in his home, a number of suspects were considered—including one of Taylor’s butlers who’d stolen his money, and the mother of actress Mary Miles Minter, who understandably disapproved of Taylor’s relationship with her teenage daughter. No arrests were ever made.

Diana, Princess of Wales’ death was ruled “unlawful” at the hands of her own driver and the drivers surrounding her car.

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The world mourned when Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in Paris. While the ensuing investigation stated that a loss of control on the driver’s part caused the accident, other theories still come up. Some day they were fleeing aggressive paparazzi, and other think it may have been staged by MI6.

JonBenét Ramsey’s death was supposedly a botched kidnapping.

The six-year-old child beauty pageant winner was reported missing by her parents in 1996. A ransom note had been left by some anonymous group, demanding $118,000 for her return. Eight hours later, her body was found in the basement of her home. She’d been strangled. The case was never solved; evidence at the scene had been compromised, the scene was not secured, and personnel on the case were convinced it was a murder case and not, as the note suggested, a kidnapping gone wrong. JonBenet’s mother was a prime suspect, but died in 2006.

Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.) became concerned for his life after Tupac Shakur’s murder.

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The two had been rivals, and Biggie was killed the year after Shakur in 1997 after leaving the Soul Train Music Awards in LA. Another car pulled up with his and shot at him, but nobody was ever named as a suspect. Next up, one Hollywood superstar’s death shocked America—and even though it’s technically a closed case, many people can’t help but suspect murder.

Marilyn Monroe’s death was ruled a suicide, but murder theories persist to this day.

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Hollywood’s biggest star of the time was found in bed by her housekeeper with an empty bottle of sleeping pills nearby on August 4, 1962. Popular theories include the idea that she was murdered to stop her from talking about an affair with John F. Kennedy and his brother.

Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen, was murdered in Beverly Hills.

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She was a staple in Hollywood, representing actors, composers, producers, and filmmakers. On her way home from the premiere of Burlesque in November of 2010, she was shot four times and left for dead. Nobody knows who killed her or what their motivations may have been.

Jack Nance died under mysterious circumstances.

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The actor claimed a homeless man had attacked him in the early hours of December 29, 1996. He complained of a headache later that day, went home, and had died by the morning of December 30. The ensuing investigation never found evidence of the fight.

Barbara Colby’s case remains open.

The actress and a colleague, James Kiernan, were shot in a parking area in Venice, California. Kiernan was able to describe the shooters before he died of his injuries, but the killers were never identified. The pair were not robbed, only shot, which lead police to label it a random drive-by.

Bob Crane of Hogan’s Heroes was nearly unrecognizable.

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The actor was discovered bludgeoned to death in his apartment in 1978. Crane’s friend John Carpenter was the main suspect in the case, and was arrested over a decade later. However, with no weapons or witnesses to the murder, he was acquitted of the charges. Are you are your friends fans of mystery and drama? Share this story and see what your friends think the truth is for each of these baffling cases!