Mom Updates Tattoo of Trans Son to ‘Fully Represent Who He Is in His Happy New Awesome Life’

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A truly heartwarming story of a trans teen with super supportive parents has the internet feeling emotional this week. His mom has updated a tattoo of him to represent his new identity, and it’s so sweet!

This is Ace Peace.

He’s a trans man from Calgary who came out to his parents back in 2015.
There was just one problem, however – around 5 years before that, his tattoo artist father Steve had created an inking of the family on mom Lindsay’s arm.

The tattoo featured Ace and his 2 siblings, Elliot and Hamish.

But the image of Ace as a blonde girl in pigtails and a pink dress began to feel false and not in keeping with Ace’s true identity.
Well, since the tattoo was fading and needed a touch-up anyway, Steve and Lindsay came to a remarkable decision.

They decided to change the tattoo totally to better represent Ace.

‚Äč”My wife took our son’s journey and all the navigation of a broken system we had in Alberta and opened a non profit assisting trans youth. The non profit is called skipping stone and they opened their own clinic last year in Calgary,” he went on.

“It was tough at first, but we knew we had to get behind him,” Peace said, “For trans kids with no parental support, the risk of suicide rises, and that was a deciding factor for us. It’s a life-or-death situation.”

“We decided to surprise Ace with it, and when he saw it, he loved it. I think it really confirmed for him that his parents were behind him and that his identity as a trans boy is real.”

“If you support your kid from Day 1, you’ll see as they go through their little journey that they get happier and happier with everything that happens,” he went on.

“Ace got his hair cut first. He used to have long hair, and now it’s short. He just seemed happier the next day. It just seemed more of a true fit.”
And it seems Ace was equally as touched by the gesture.
“It meant a lot because it really showed how much trust she had in me and that she accepted me to put this permanent image on her body.”