Sometimes, when life gets difficult, when reality becomes too much, or when you feel the broad hands of existential dread knocking at your door, it's best to just let your eyes cross, your jaw go slack, drool, and stare at thirty pictures of dogs.

If today is one of those days, luckily for you, Jay, a UPS man from New Orleans, has arranged just the thing for you. On his delivery route, Jay pursued the bold idea of photographing himself with every dog that crossed his path. The result is something truly amazing. We've spent far too long staring at Jay's pictures - and now you can too.


#1 Jay And Bit

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Meet Bit: he's a terrier, a veteran and a christian - in that order.

#2 Jay And Prince

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Meet Prince: he's an aspiring academic with a passion for craft ale and William F Buckley.

#3 Jay And Kash

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Meet Kash: don't let her size decieve you, she's killed before and she'll do it again.

#4 Jay And Morgan

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Meet Morgan: he works in a bike shop to subsidise his gambling problems.

#5 Jay And Stanly

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Meet Stanley: Stanley just moved down here from Soho - he needs some time to adjust.

#6 Jay And Sofia

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Meet Sofia: She's a tearaway with a fetish for rubber.

#7 Jay And Gov

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Meet Gov: The only honest cop in town, a thrill seeker and a loving husband.

#8 Jay And Liath

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Meet Liath: We don't talk about Liath...

#9 Jay And Kingsley

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Meet Kingsley: His friends call him 'Kings'... he doesn't like it.

#10 Jay And Louis

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Meet Louis: An evangelical lobbyist who recieves a questionably large amount of funding from the Zabludowicz foundation.

#11 Jay And Jiggy

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Meet Jiggy: Jiggy's a big-time DJ, but really he just wants to paint.

#12 Jay, Oy And Belle

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Meet Oy and Belle: They've recently gone poly - Oy's down but Belle's not feeling it yet.

#13 Summer And Jay

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Meet Summer: She was a child star but developed a pervasive amphetamine addiction as an adolescent - she's surprised she still has a nose.

#14 Jay And Trixie

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Meet Trixie: Trixie owns a chain of vape shops, she spends most of her time listening to soul tracks and crooning for the 1980s.

#15 Higgins And Jay

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Meet Higgins: A conceptual artist who once spent six weeks locked in a cage with Ulay.

#16 Jay And Cusha

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Meet Cusha: He moved to New Orleans for the above-ground burials... no one really knows what that means.

#17 Jay And Spot

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Meet Spot: Spot just got out of jail, now he does community service down at the youth center, people say he's back on prescription.

#18 Jay And Ruby

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Meet Ruby: She's a local curator, she's got big plans.

#19 Jay And Ziggy

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Meet Ziggy: He used to be the hype-man for Damian Marley. Now he works at Walgreens.

#20 Jay And Louie

Meet Louie: Louie's looking for love. Also athsma medication.

#21 Jay And Josie

Meet Josie: She used to be a folk singer, now she works with kids. She hates kids...

#22 Jay and Pups

Meet Pups: Don't let Pups' smile decieve you - he's desperately unhappy.

#23 Random “Family Time"

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No one knows these guys.

#24 Jay And Sophie

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Meet Sophie: People say she rolls with a bad crowd, but that's just talk.

#25 Jay And Charlie

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Meet Charlie: He's a born again with a rampant tendency towards racial bigotry - it's a real problem.

#26 Jay And Gus

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Meet Gus: Gus is a scientist, he's book-smart but has absolutely no social skills.

#27 Jay And Dakota

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Meet Dakota: People think she's a fox. Which really upsets her because she's not a fox.

#28 Jay, Chula And Chapo

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Meet Chula and Chapo: Chula always gets all the attention, Chapo just wants to sing.

#29 Jay And Half Pint

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Meet Half-Pint: No one knows why people call him that.

#30 Jay And Bella

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Meet Bella: She really wasn't happy about this photo. She's Instagram famous.