Connor Fields, an American BMX rider who was injured in a horror crash at the 2020 Toyko Olympics on Thursday, is out of critical care but is still hospitalized.

The athlete crashed early in the final heat of this week's semifinal, just after qualifying for the Olympic final.

At the venue, he suffered a brain hemorrhage and was transported away on a backboard before being driven to Tokyo's St. Luke's International Hospital in an ambulance.

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According to a USA Cycling statement, there's been "no additional bleeding and no new injuries found."

The organization added that the Chief Medical Officer of USA Cycling, as well as members of the medical team and cycling coaches, stayed with Fields while he was in the hospital.

"Fields has been moved out of the critical care unit and will remain in the hospital until cleared," the statement read. "The doctors reported that Fields sustained a brain hemorrhage at the venue. After a night in the ICU, the doctors are pleased to report that there has been no additional bleeding, and no new injuries were found. Fields has been moved out of the critical care unit and will remain in the hospital until cleared."

"Cognitively, he's doing well. He knows where he is. He knows his birthday. He recognizes people," his father, Mike Fields, then added.

Fields has 1 gold medal, attained in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, becoming the first American to win an Olympic BMX gold. Just 5 days ago, Fields also posted to his Instagram account, sporting his BMX gear appreciating his journey to Tokyo.

"Moment of gratitude today for this opportunity to represent my country as well as for all the people who have been a part of this journey over the past 21 years. Thank you. Racing kicks off tomorrow," he wrote.

People quickly took to Facebook to pray for his recovery.

"How sad, prayers for a quick recovery," one person wrote.

"Soo very sad, I hope Conner makes a full recovery, prayers for Conner and family," another commented.

While another person noted: "Well, it's a matter of win or lose situation and in this case, it looks like a big loss for the entire Olympics team and hope for quick recovery."

The men's final was won by Dutch rider Niek Kimmann while Kye Whyte of Great Britain claimed silver and Colombia's Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepes took his second bronze at the Olympics, after also having come third at Rio.

We wish Connor a speedy recovery from this frightening incident.