Donald Trump's hair has been the talk of the town ever since he was awarded the most powerful seat in the world back in 2017. But alongside everything else, his hair has always been a big topic for discussion - and now we know why.

As anyone with problematic hair knows ...

The secret is all in the washing.

If the water pressure ain't right?


You're not going to end up with a satisfactory hair result!

And one person who knows this well?

President Trump, of course! Like he hasn't got anything bigger to be worrying about...

And apparently, Trump has an excuse for his bizarre hair do.

He claims it's that damn water pressure to blame!

And, as the most powerful man on earth?

Trump has a solution for all those impacted by poor shower pressure...

It's been a long first term...

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And this might just be the strangest Presidential news of the past four years - which is saying something!

It's been a strange couple of years...

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No one could quite believe what they were hearing when the notorious business tycoon announced his plans to run for President during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

But, this wasn't a publicity stunt.

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Donald Trump was being deadly serious about his bid for his place in the White House, and kicked off his campaign with an array of promises, such as building a wall along the border of Mexico, allowing all American's to the right to bear arms, and generally to "make America great again."

And when it came round to election day...

The world awoke on November 9th to see that America officially had their new leader - President Donald Trump.

It's been an eventful few years, to say the least.

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It's certainly been up and down - Trump has sparked his fair share of outrage, imposing a temporary travel ban on Muslims entering and leaving the U.S. and banning transgender people from the military, just for example. But he also passed a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal crime, and unemployment in the country is at an all-time low at just 3.6 percent.

Oh, and the infamous Mexican wall still hasn't been built.

Though he has announced his plans to divert $7.2 million from the Pentagon for the border wall construction.

The President is no stranger to criticism and controversy...

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Much of his behavior while acting as President has been questioned over the past couple of years, with many calling for him to be impeached, and even removed from office entirely.

And, earlier this year...

Many prayers were answered when the President was actually impeached.

Trump was charged with 2 offenses.

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The first was for abuse of power, and the second was an accusation of blocking his aides from testifying and failing to co-operate with the House impeachment investigation.

But despite his impeachment...

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Trump continues to hold an awful lot of power and his fan base is still going strong... which isn't necessarily a good thing considering the majority of Trump supporters hold far-right and very conservative ideologies.

Times are now harder than ever for the President...

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Since the coronavirus pandemic took over the world back in March, there's no denying that Trump has handled it awfully.

Our country is now the worst affected in the world...

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And Trump just seems to be completely oblivious to how catastrophic the coronavirus has been for millions of people.

And not to mention the Black Lives Matter movement...

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President Trump has shown no real support for the historic and important movement and he clearly isn't interested in seeing any change for the African American community.

But recently, people are talking about something else instead.

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No no, it's not the fact that he made his caddie hang off the back of his cart as he sped around a golf course - although that was pretty cruel and hilarious at the same time.

It's his hair.

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I mean, the President's hair has always been the speculation of the masses, with millions of people all asking the same thing... Is it real?

Well, I can now confirm to you that it is, in fact, real.

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The yellow, meshy-looking froth ball sitting on top of his scalp is actually his own, natural hair, even if the color isn't.

It seems as though Trump has missed a few salon appointments.

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Because it's been looking even stranger than usual lately.

And now Trump has offered an explanation.

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"So showerheads - you take a shower, the water doesn't come out," he said to the Department of Energy last month.

"You want to wash your hands, the water doesn't come out."

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"So what do you do?"

"You just stand there longer or you take a shower longer?"

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"Because my hair - I don't know about you, but it has to be perfect. Perfect."

So what does Trump propose?

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Changing the definition of a showerhead to allow for greater water flow, bypassing environmental laws, of course!

Andrew de Laski, executive director of the energy conservation group, Appliance Standards Awareness Project, has called the idea "silly."

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"If the president needs help finding a good shower, we can point him to some great consumer websites that help you identify a good shower head that provides a dense soak and a good shower," he joked. And it's not just Trump being trolled. Keep scrolling to see why the First Lady is being mocked for her fashion sense...