US Marshals Hold Mom and Baby at Gunpoint After Raiding Wrong Apartment

US Marshals are some of the United States’ greatest superheroes when it comes to protecting the country from fugitives. But these US Marshals weren’t all about that when they barged into this young mom’s home, holding her at gunpoint while she held her baby in her arms…

US Marshals held a mom and baby at gunpoint after raiding the wrong apartment. Yikes.


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And it really was heartbreaking to watch just how terrified the mom was.

The marshals were searching for Shamar Johnson, who was later arrested on a 2nd-degree murder charge, after being involved in the September 11th shooting of Cecil V. Richardson, as per the Bradenton Herald.

But before capturing Shamar, they scared the life out of this lady first.

And the mom Kada Staples, had a ring camera that captured the entire moment too…


me and my newborn baby had guns pointed at us from every direction and they were at the wrong place im shaking they literally could’ve killed us #fyp

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Writing in the TikTok video, she said: “When the US Marshals show up to your house and rush you and your newborn baby out, running all through your home telling you they know you are lying and you’re hiding someone in there just to find out they’re at the wrong apartment.”

Before letting them in, she could be heard telling the marshals that she was just putting her dog in its kennel…

And when she got handled out of her own apartment, she explained in the TikTok bio that she and her newborn baby had guns pointed at them from every direction.

“They are holding us at gunpoint, screaming, there is a gun about a foot away from her face,” Staples told WFLA.

And after unneccisarily scaring the poor mom…

A member of the team lead the marshals away, realizing that they had the wrong apartment.

The worst part? They didn’t even apologize to the mom for disturbing her. Not cool at all.

To no surprise, the mom was having trouble sleeping properly after being held at gun-point…


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As let’s be honest, the mom life does heighten your protective anxieties, right?

Afterward, she rang the US Marshals office, asking if she could get some help regarding her anxiety, as per TooFab, and she was told to just: “Get over it,” and take melatonin, which helps with the sleep-wake cycle. I think that’s the last thing she wanted to hear, don’t you?

Oh, and there wasn’t even an apology in their statement on Tuesday either.

What do you think about the whole fiasco?