Trends are constantly changing and it's so hard to keep up with what's in and what's out. Every month things can change and what used to be lame can suddenly be the new cool thing that everyone is obsessed with. How can one possibly be current with everything that's going on with so much change?

When you look at trends that are now considered classy, it's good to know that before they reached their fame and popularity, they were probably at one point kind of trashy. From food to fashion to music, everything at one point was cheap and kind of crummy.

Although there are some timeless classy items, many trends had a rag to riches stories and now it is time to celebrate the pieces of trash that have made a serious glow up. It's all about history and we are here to get to the root of these trends and get excited about their new classy lifestyle.

Can you keep up?

It's difficult to stay relevant recently with trends so frequently changing. Every week there is a new meme, a new fashion trend, a new makeup look. It's overwhelming!

For hipsters, it's even more difficult.

How are they supposed to stay ahead of the trends when they change so quickly? They have to be different, but it's so hard!

It's time to be frank.

We just have to look at the facts, we have all jumped on trends that at one time, we thought were trashy. It's okay to come clean and just be honest with ourselves.

Let's ask the people!

Where else would we go besides Reddit to ask the people what they think? They always have the best ideas.

Handmade goodies

Homemade, local, homegrown, handmade...used to be a sign that you were poor. 

Homegrown is so in.

Growing your own food, making your own clothes and shopping locally is now an incredibly popular way of living. It's not just a trend, but a way of living that positively benefits you and planet earth. No longer a sign of poverty, but a sign of just being woke.

Certain types of music.


You're one classy human if you love jazz.

When jazz first started, it was associated with drinking, drugs and living a scandalous life. Now jazz is seen as some of the classiest music out there. If you listen to jazz music, consider yourself better than everyone else.

The liquor you drink.

In the 1950s in Australia, beer was considered a respectable drink for the moderate gent, while wine was for alcoholics. A few waves of Italian and Greek migration really changed things, and now wine is a higher class drink. -katalog-oriflame

Being a wine connoisseur is about as classy as you can get.

If you know your wines, you really boost your social status. It's definitely not trash to know good wine. Don't even get me started if you have a wine cellar. You basically define "class."

Fish food.

Caviar - used to be given away as a bar snack in the 19th century, now can cost hundreds of dollars per ounce. -VictorBlimpmuscle

Who doesn't love caviar?

Nothing says you're rich like eating a plate full of fish eggs. But I guess at one point it was bar food. Now, all we have is peanuts. I miss the good old days.

That rustic look.

A rustic design on things. Having entire things made of wood probably made people look poor back then. -12345burrito

All wood everything.

If you've got a wood kitchen, you've made it. That's about as classy as you can get.

Junk in the trunk.

Big butts, white girls were terrified of having them in the 2000's now it's a goal. -rodentbitch

The bigger the better!

*Insert peach emoji* It's all about #bootygoals and no one is ashamed of it.

Long beards.

Long "grizzly" beards on guys...used to be an indication of a man having a more blue-collar job where dress-code/grooming was not a priority. Now I regularly go to meetings for my white-collar/academic job and see men wearing freshly cleaned $2,000 suits with beards going down the length of their necks. 


Beards are SO in.

The longer the beard, the more of a man you are. Facial hair is a beautiful thing.

Your chucks.

Converse shoes used to cost 2 bucks in the 60s and 70s. These days they cost about 60. -NotABurner2000

Converses are a staple fashion item.

Girls in a pair of converse are an entire mood. If you don't own a pair you're very behind.

The basic beer.

PBR. From white trash to hipsters.

If this isn't the definition of classy then I don't know what is.

Nothing like a fresh PBR to declare your mature taste palette.

Being covered in ink.

Tattoos for sure. Even “classy" type people have some lil tattoos. is def mainstream now. -spo0kythicc

You can turn yourself into a piece of art.

Some tattoo pieces are so dang classy it's like looking at a museum wall. It could make Mona Lisa cry.

That red lip look.

Red lipstick.

Red lips make a very classy statement!

When a woman wears red lipstick, you know she means business.

A rustic wedding.

Getting married in a barn. -whatyouwant22

Barn doors scream classical wedding.

I mean this actually might be the classiest thing I have ever seen. I would love to go to this wedding.

Barelegged ladies.

For women, going barelegged when dressing up.

If you've got it, flaunt it.

Pantyhose are a thing of the past! Show off those legs, ladies. Your knees deserve some attention.

It's all about staying relevant.

Hopefully, this clarifies what's now classy, somewhat sassy, but definitely not trashy.

Now that you know...

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