Therapy is important. Therapy can help us make sense of our experiences, our feelings, and our reactions to the world. Therapy can help us through trauma, but it can also help us through the everyday. For some reason, in some circles, therapy is still stigmatized. It is high time for those days to be over. Whether you think you "need" it or not, therapy can help you.

And that is why we have compiled some of the best tweets on therapy we could find. These are real people who were changed and affected by what their therapist said to them or the strategies that they shared with them, and they generously decided to share those words of wisdom on Twitter to benefit others. And you know what? They totally will! So take these little therapy nuggets to heart because they will help you. Not all of these are for everyone, but chances are you'll find something in here that applies to your own life.

THERAPY! It's great!

Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation knows, and after reading these solid pieces of advice from people's therapists, you will too.

What if

This is a useful tool. I don't know about you, but I have a habit of imagining the worst in any situation. Why is that more valuable than imagining the best? It's not, and it's way more anxiety-inducing.

A definite yes

This is an important thing to remember. If you are not enthusiastic about a social outing, just say no! It's OK. This is a way to take care of yourself.

Make your needs known

Friendships and all relationships for that matter are a two-way street. You should be getting out of it the same amount you're putting in. If you're not, talk to the person and rectify it. If they can't give that to you, cut them out.

Make the plans

In a way, this is related to the last one. You shouldn't be tangled up in other people's issues. If they can't come to your level, that's fine.

Most people are kind

Some of us have trust issues. And that is understandable! But if you learn that most people are just trying to be good and kind most of the time, it will save you a lot of unwarranted stress and anxiety.

Relationships as silent films

This is an interesting approach to relationships. If your relationship had no words, what would your partner's actions, their body language, show you?

Work with who you are

This is incredible if you can figure it out. I'm still learning. If you're not a morning person, don't try to force it. Trying to be who you're not won't help. As long as you're not destructive or toxic, learn to let you be yourself.

Turn it around

If you are treating yourself worse than you would let friends treat themselves, that's no good. Why be so hard on yourself? You don't deserve it.

How you look at yourself

Have you ever heard that you have to learn to love yourself before anyone else can learn to love you? That's basically what this therapist is saying. It's an important reminder for everyone.

Take care of yourself

Here it is again in somewhat different terms. Take care of yourself! That idea of the tortured artist is over. It's false. Only when you take care of yourself and put yourself first, will you make great art.

Others' needs

Part of taking care of yourself is standing up for what you need and deserve in relationships. This is hard for a natural people pleaser to heed.

Don't fight every battle

This is important, especially in this day and age when the news is full of constant horror. But we cannot take the whole weight of the world on our shoulders. And that's OK.

Eating lunch

This may seem silly, but it's not. It's incredible what taking care of yourself, eating enough, showering, getting dressed every day, can do for you. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to wait until you both ate and drank some water to have a fight with your significant other. It makes a huge difference.

Empathy for others

When you don't get the response you want from someone, it's easy to be mad or dismissive. But consider that they themselves are going through something and aren't ready to be empathetic.

Less internet

Who would have thought that being on the internet too much could have a negative effect on your mood? It's really as simple as shutting down the computer.

Do what works for you

Again, don't fight against yourself! Let you be you! The pieces of advice that get repeated in this collection are some of the most important I've ever heard.


I feel like we all know someone who does this, who doesn't apologize for making you feel the way you do regardless of if they agree with you. Maybe think about why you do that.

Write down your moods

It often really helps to keep track of your thoughts and your moods. That way, over time, you can identify triggers or commonalities.

Breathing exercises

These are great! If you are an anxious person, focusing on your breath or something physical is a great way to help you calm down.

Eat what you want

Obviously, this exact strategy won't work for every single person, but the general idea — stop doing what isn't working — is an important one.

Listen to the worksheet

Honestly, not doing these four things will help you immensely to get through the day. Letting light into your home is important for your health.


The act of drawing is a great way to calm yourself down, to focus on something other than what is causing you stress, and to help yourself relax.

Be proud

It doesn't help anyone to live with regrets about steps you could have taken sooner. Just be proud of the person you are, the one who allowed yourself to make the changes you did.

Don't pathologize everything

Not every moment in your life can be attributed to your trauma or your illness. You exists outside of your illness.

Deal with your problems

It might not be the advice you want to hear right now, but shoving your problems aside is never the way to solve them. Ever!

Common sense filters

These reasonings are so true. They might not be healthy long-term solutions, but if things like eating the deconstructed ingredients if you can't bring yourself to make a sandwich will help you get up and get through the day, do it.

Harder and harder

It only gets harder the more you try to run from your feelings. Going to therapy in an attempt to deal with them is a great first step!

The whole internet

If you are internet-obsessed, it might be worth it to take a step back to assess if your behavior is helping you.

Who are you?

Stop looking to others to define yourself! Love that piece of advice. Share this with someone who could use some advice right about now.