People Are Talking About How Useless Newborns Are and Honestly, It’s Hilarious

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Listen, there are some people out there who deserve to get some criticism for their actions, but rarely do. And those people are newborn babies.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Friends and family love posting pictures of their newest little ones on social media! They’re so cute! Aren’t they adorable?

Nope. They will totally kill your vibe, and yet… we all have to just act like it’s OK. It’s time we keep it real and really say how we feel about newborn babies.

This is where Twitter comes in because user Charlily decided enough was enough. She tweeted out, “Let’s slander newborns. I don’t like their lil swoop hairdos.” And the floodgates opened.

When I cry because I want to be carried I’m “being difficult” and “I need to grow up.” It’s not fair. What is fair is that we can slander babies and they cannot do anything about it.

So if you’re feeling like your newborn, or any newborn, is killing your aesthetic, these hilarious tweets will validate your feelings.

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They’re outfits are so tiny and there is so much cuteness in just that.

It’s like having three full time jobs packaged in a little human.

They’re cute and cuddly one minute and the next they’re puking down your back after you just put on your favorite shirt. This has happened to me and I’m still very salty about this.

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The things said on Charlily’s Twitter thread are what I wish I would have read in parenting books. It’s not all sweet baby snuggles, it’s a whole lot of work.

And these tweets are hilarious.

Twitter did not hold back and went fully in on them.

They need to be driven everywhere and never contribute. Lame.

Are babies even trying?

But of course, newborns lack basic skill sets. Insert eyeroll emoji here.

We’re all working on getting our lives in order, newborns should too.

They get to nap anytime and anywhere. We don’t. What’s there to cry about after they’ve taken their 10th nap in an hour?

Newborns are the worst roommates ever.

Come on newborns, give us a break.

They’re always hungry but can only drink milk? Newborns are weird.

But there is much more to go.

I have to say, they are brave for people that have little strength.

They can take their bad crying energy elsewhere.

Laundry day is every single day when you have a newborn. Write that in a parenting book.

It’s very difficult to get a straight answer about anything from a newborn.

Very demanding yet they can’t hold their own head up.

If newborns didn’t wake up 100 times a night that would be very cool.

When we’re all asleep they’re awake then when we’re awake they’re asleep. That’s not going to work.

It would be very helpful if newborns can at least feed themselves.

And now you’re stuck with them forever.

We are on to you, newborns.

They have to start pulling their own weight around here.

Listen up, newborns. Step your cosplay game up.

Basically, newborns are not contributing anything to society. It’s a shame.

Newborns, need to do better.

If you didn’t laugh and tell yourself “facts!” then you should babysit a newborn for a few hours and then you’ll slander newborns too.