Usher Confirms He’s Dropping a ‘Confessions 2’ Album

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When Confessions dropped in 2004, it changed the R&B scene forever. Since then, things have been relatively quiet from Usher – until now.

Born in Texas, and raised in Tennessee and Georgia, he’s one of the best selling artists of the 2000s.

His first album, Usher dropped in 1994.

And Usher followed it up with 1997’s My Way, which spawned his first Billboard top 100 singles.

His third album, 8701 truly established him as a legend.

It sold over eight million copies, and earned Usher 2 Grammy Awards in 2002 and 2003.

Confessions was one of the best selling albums of the decade, shifting over twenty million copies worldwide.

Honestly, who doesn’t remember grooving along to “Yeah!”, “Burn”, “Confessions Part II” and “My Boo?”

Confessions is a total R&B classic.

It was both critically acclaimed and popular with the public.

He’s continued to work in the industry and create R&B tunes, but nothing has topped Confessions.

Since Confessions dropped, fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up album of similarly banging tunes.

We’re so excited for this news.

Over the years, there have been romors about Confessions 2.

And the latest news seems to confirm what we’ve all been hoping for.

Taking to Instagram to as his fans, “Dis what yall want?”

Very exciting stuff!

Usher’s still got it!

This Confessions is a bit different.

Because this one comes from the female’s perspective on the relationship.

He told Ellen it was set to drop, “very soon.”  

If it’s even half as good as the first album, we’re in for a treat!

How can he have enough confessions to fill a whole ‘nother album?

Could there be another reason for the new album?

Might be a little bit weird and creepy in 2020.

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