Utah Woman Sends Husband to Doctor’s With the Moles She Wants Checked Circled

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Is this true love?

Many of us think relationships should be built on passion.

But it turns out, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case…

True love is actually about something quite different.

It’s about caring about someone deeply – even if they don’t seem to care about themselves!

One TikToker proved how important that is this week.

With a truly heartwarming story that’s shaking the internet.

Hey – we all love an unconventional love story, right?

And Brinlee Miles served us a (strangely) cute one this week.

‘This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist,’ Brinlee captioned her video.

The video then shows her husband’s torso highly adorned with Sharpie circles.

“And this is how she sent him back lol,” Brinlee continued.

The derm had made notes for each of the circled moles, including some they had sent off to test.

People are loving this sweet gesture.

“She’s a very good wife, who clearly loves her husband,” wrote one Facebooker.

“Smart and caring wife! Men don’t tell doctors enough detail,” another added.

A third agreed: “Looking out for her husband and making sure the doctor looked at her concerns since she is not there.”

Since the original video, Brinlee and her hubby have posted an update.

And you’ll be relieved to hear that he’s doing just fine following his rather thorough derm trip.

What a match made in heaven!

We can all only hope to have a partner who cares for us as much as Brinlee!