Man Left With Eye-Watering Bill After Misreading Wine List | 22 Words

A man was left with an eye-watering bill after he misread the wine list during his Valentine's Day meal...

And had to pay for it anyway.


All in the name of love, right?

The hopeless romantic took to Reddit to share his dilemma...


But, instead of receiving some much-needed advice, his tale was instead catapulted to viral stardom.

Redditors were very amused by his unfortunate situation...


In a lengthy post, the man first explained how he has been living in Japan for the last 2 years...


Before detailing that he decided to take out a woman he had been dating "for a course meal at a hotel restaurant."

"Admittedly, it's not my usual style; I'm perfectly happy going to cheap izakayas and that kind of thing, but variety is the spice of life, and we both decided it would be nice to dress up a little and have a fancy meal."

He admitted that paying for 2 courses was already going to "set him back a pretty penny"...


But that the "real f**k up" came when it was time to order off the wine list.

He explained that he is certainly no wine expert, so usually relies on the recommendation of servers to decide.


"Our waiter went for the drink menu, came back with a tablet, and made a few suggestions, all around the ¥16,000 ($160) price range. Of course, I tried not to let it show, but I thought that was a bit on the expensive side and swiped to an $80 alternative. I asked him if it's a good wine."

"Oh, that's a very good wine, sir."

"I told him we'd go with that one, and he politely took the order and left."


"My girlfriend spent the next 10 minutes or so joking about the wine ordering process, and I thought she was making fun of me for going with a cheaper wine. Fair enough."

Well, the wine arrived at their table...


"And we both agreed it was really good."

However, his girlfriend - who we can presume is Japanese - continued to tease him about the wine choice...


And it was when she said that she hoped that it was 80,000 yen and not 80,000 dollars that it finally dawned on him.

"Somehow, even after living here for as long as I have, my brain misfired and I equated 80,000 yen with $80 when it's actually more like $800."

"By that point, we were well into the bottle and there was no going back."


"Needless to say, that was a shocker, but I did my best to take it in stride and just enjoy it. She was pretty cool about it too, laughing about it but also showing concern about the (for us) outrageous price. I'm fortunate enough to not have to worry about it, and I'm thankful for that, but my bank account definitely took a hit tonight. I had to mentally prepare myself for when the bill arrived."

You can see a picture of the incriminating $800 above.

"Anyway, as I told her, we'll just be drinking tap water for the next 10 Valentine's Days."

TIFU by getting the exchange rate wrong and spending $800 on a bottle of wine from r/tifu

If that were me, I'd be drinking tap water for the next twenty Valentine's Days!

You can read his full post above.