The internet's heart was broken when it was revealed that legendary NBA player, Kobe Bryant, had died in a helicopter crash earlier this year.

Tributes poured in for the star, and now sadly after his passing, he has received the "pinnacle of his career" by being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Vanessa and his daughter Natalia have given the most heartwrenching speech on behalf of Kobe's greatest achievement.

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Bryant was a true basketball star.

His father, Joe Bryant, was also a professional NBA player, and Kobe began playing basketball professionally straight out of high school.

He was a true legend in the sport.

By his second season, Kobe had been named an All-Star. Scroll to the end for Vanessa's heartwrenching interview...

When he was just thirty-four years old, Kobe became the youngest player in league history to reach 30,000 career points.

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And on February 1st of 2010, it was announced Kobe was the all-time leading scorer in Lakers franchise history.

His achievements didn't end there.

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Kobe also won 2 gold medals in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

He was a massive success off the court, too.

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In 2018, Kobe won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for Dear Basketball.

Kobe retired after the 2015-16 season.

But he stayed busy, focusing on many other career pursuits - alongside raising his family.

In 1999, Kobe met Vanessa Laine.

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The pair were both just 17-years-old but quickly fell in love - becoming engaged after only six months of dating. It's clear by her interview, how deeply she cared for Kobe. Keep scrolling to watch...

Vanessa and Kobe married in 2001.

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Their first daughter was then born in 2003.

They shared 4 daughters.

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Their eldest was Natalia, who's 17, followed by Gianna, followed by Bianka, aged 3, and Capri, aged just 7 months.

And he loved being a dad.

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As this photo of the Bryants in full family Halloween costume proves.

Kobe frequently used helicopters for travel.

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But tragically, earlier this year, his private helicopter went down and a "fire broke out," TMZ reported.

It was the most devastating news...

Kobe left behind his wife and their daughters - Natalia and Bianca, and their newborn, Capri. Natalia joined Vanessa for the interview, keep scrolling to watch...

Bryant's daughter, Gianna, was also on board the helicopter at the time of the crash.

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Gianna, aged 13, tragically died in the crash with her dad, on their way to the Mamba Academy for basketball practice, nearby Thousand Oaks.

Gianna was Kobe's second-eldest daughter.

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She was set to follow in Kobe's footsteps and would often accompany Kobe to basketball games. In fact, from childhood, Gianna would participate in the team warm-ups.

Gianna was reportedly a true talent.

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And many thought she was set for an illustrious basketball career.

Kobe and Gianna were also very close.

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The 2 often pictured giggling and smiling together, and it's clear she was the apple of her father's eye.

Heartbreaking footage has emerged showing the aftermath of the tragedy.

The clip, uploaded to Twitter, shows smoke emerging from the crash site as emergency services respond to the devastating incident.

Tributes poured in for the victims.

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It's clear Kobe was an absolutely beloved presence in the celebrity world - and will be horribly missed. The basketball star has been given the greatest tribute of all time, keep scrolling to watch the video...

Kobe has just received the greatest honor.

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. It was just announced that Kobe is set to be inducted into the Hall of Fame ahead of the usual election process.

He was nominated last December and will be inducted in August.

Basketball fans have been deeply touched by this move. Many have been leaving tributes for both Kobe and his daughter.

Vanessa Bryant shared how proud she is of her husband.

Vanessa sat with daughter Natalia, as they both held back tears talking about Kobe's biggest accomplishment.

Kobe will be inducted as part of the class of 2020.

Vanessa says this is the pinnacle of Kobe's twenty-year-long NBA career with the Lakers.

She was understandably emotional about the news.

Vanessa said: "It's an incredible accomplishment and honor, and we're extremely proud of him. Obviously, we wish he was here with us to celebrate, but it's definitely the peak of his NBA career and every accomplishment that he had as an athlete was a stepping stone to be here."

His team also shared their thoughts.

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