Vans Launch Autism Awareness Collection With Sensory Inclusive Designs

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Popular footwear brand, Vans, has once again cemented its status as a firmly loved and universally worn brand this week after creating an Autism awareness collection featuring a range of shoes and shirts.

Keep scrolling to see the entire collection. The t-shirts look amazing…

The condition affects how people perceive the world, and how they behave and interact in social situations and with others. It is characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication.  

In 2018, the CDC determined that approximately 1 in fifty-nine children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder here in the States.

And, dependent on where a person sits on the spectrum, the characteristics of autism can vary.

Some autistic people also have learning disabilities, mental health issues, or other conditions, meaning different people need different levels of support.

Autism is not a disease or illness, therefore it cannot be cured.

Research has consistently supported the theory that autism tends to run in families. Changes in certain genes increase the risk that a child will develop autism. If a parent carries one or more of these gene changes, they may get passed to a child.

And it is definitely not a result of vaccines.

So all you anti-vaxxers out there can just pipe down, okay?

But scientists have conducted extensive research over the last 2 decades to determine whether there is any link between childhood vaccinations and autism. The results of this research is clear: Vaccines do not cause autism.

Autism is not a disease that can be magically irradicated with a course of antibiotics. It is a social disorder with characteristics that, instead of being curable, can be managed and improved over time.

One of the most popular, for example, is wearing noise-canceling headphones.

Vans have created an Austim awareness collection of its popular shoes. Keep scrolling to take a look at the full collection.

Including a calming color palette.

The design is also said to include features that “focus on the senses of touch, sign, and sound.”

Shirts are also available to buy. The shirts and shoes are available in a range of sizes ranging all the way from toddler to adult – so nobody is left out.

via : Vans

All shoes feature ComfyCush technology with additional foam and rubber components to maximize comfort and durability.

via : Vans

All shoes in toddler-sized come with hook and loop closures for enhanced tightness and fit.

via : Vans

Vans worked with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to create the designs.

via : Vans

An alternate design of the slip-on shoe.

via : Vans

Those who aren’t tempted by the slip-ons can get their hands on the classic lace-up design.

via : Vans

Available in a range of sizes, are ultra-soft and feature a care/content label affixed to the internal side seam via chain stitching – allowing the label to be cut off without leaving any behind that may cause irritation. Once again, the color palette focuses on calming, pastel tones.

The 2 adult-sized shoes in the collection – the Old Skools and the Slip-Ons will retail for $75 and $65. The 3 shoes in kids and toddler sizes range from $45-$55. The collection hits the Vans website and select stores this month. Interested in more content like this? Keep scrolling to see the moment a boy with Down’s syndrome comforts classmate with autism…