Vegan Activist Hits Out After Being Banned From all Pubs in Her State

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Vegan activist Tash Peterson has become well-known for her protests at restaurants, pubs and cafes across Western Australia which involves her shouting at people for their choices of eating meat.

“People are so disconnected from whom they are eating. They are so disconnected from the mass suffering and torture that they are inflicting upon others of different species.”

Quite understandably, Peterson has grown a huge following on social media through the videos she posts of her stunts.
However, she recently uploaded an Instagram video stating that she has been served a notice banning her from any establishment in Western Australia that has the license to sell liquor. This means that she can be charged with trespassing and fined up to AUD $10,000 (U.S $7,500) if she disobeys this notice.

“The police came to my house this morning to serve a Barring Notice (liquor-licensed premises ban) upon me for a sea life Seaspiracy protest that I did last month highlighting the sea life holocaust caused by the fishing industry,” the vegan explained.

“This is a clear example of how so-called freedom of speech is not actually freedom of speech at all.”
The protest, which took place on May 2nd, involved Peterson and other activists walking furiously into a seafood restaurant in Fremantle and yelling at diners and staff.
She branded the fishing industry as the “largest holocaust in history,” after saying that it kills billions of animals each year.
Even when leaving the restaurant, she and her group were shouting “Fish want to live, fish feel pain just like us!” while continuing to shout at the diners – even after exiting the premises.

“Each year, 2.7 billion fish are ripped from the ocean and brutally murdered,” she’s seen screaming.

While she stands on top of a restaurant’s table, a manager in a mask is seen approaching her, begging to stop disturbing his peaceful surroundings in such an aggressive manner. Eventually, he orders her to leave.

“TELL THEM THE TRUTH,” Peterson’s instagram caption reads.

Another post made by Peterson shows her protesting at a supermarket last year in April.
“This is a demand for transparency from companies who are mislabeling their animal products and/or using misleading labeling and language to advertise their products,” she wrote.
She says that by buying “free-range” products, customers believe they are doing the right thing by the animals… but in reality, Peterson protests they are simply contributing to the problem.

“The system will do anything to silence animal rights activists from exposing the truth about the largest holocaust in history.”

The activist then shared a thread of recent articles written about her, claiming that the system will do anything to “silence” her and other activists.

Peterson’s Instagram followers have taken it upon themselves to support her recent videos wholeheartedly…

Throughout her comment section across her posts followers wrote comments like, “Wow it’s amazing to me that people don’t make the connection… insane really!! Love you Tash”, and, “That’s by far the smartest protest you have done!”
Are you vegetarian or vegan or do you eat meat? Let us know what you think of the issue.