Man Dumps Girlfriend After She Goes to McDonald’s | 22 Words

As veganism takes over the world, one woman took to Reddit to ask a controversial question.

And it's safe to say, the internet had a huge response...

There's no doubt that veganism is taking over the world.


The general consensus in 2021 seems to be that consuming meat is harming the planet and just plain cruel.

More people are now ditching their steaks and switching to a plant-based diet.


Trying to make wiser decisions about their food consumption.

But what does plant-based mean?


It's a phrase that's thrown around an awful lot these days but, to put it simply, the term plant-based is used to describe a diet that cuts out all (or most, in some cases) animal-based products, such as meat, fish, and dairy.

The lifestyle choice has been steadily on the rise for the last couple of years...


Whether it be for health reasons or more ethical concerns, the trend of cutting out animal products from food and drink is completely booming.

And many of those who have cut out animal products like to encourage people to do the same.


May that be through word of mouth, on social media, or a protest.

Vegans are known for having strong opinions.

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Which doesn't always go over well with meat eaters.

But one encounter has broken the internet this week.

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As a couple have ended their relationship over the issue ...

A woman shared her crazy story ...

She'd gone vegan with her boyfriend and committed to the process.

"At first it was okay but f***ing hell, I was craving chicken McNuggets like there was no tomorrow. I would literally have dreams where I'm surrounded by chicken nuggets."

"So at least twice a week I would sneak out the house and say I'm just going to the supermarket or running errands and then I'd go to McDonald's and eat a bunch of nuggets or a McChicken."

"I would then quickly go to the grocery store and buy random s*** we don't even need so he thinks I really was just at the supermarket."

"I was doing this for months but my ex started getting suspicious and yesterday he blew up at me and accused me of cheating on him because of the amount of times I leave the house and refuse to let him come with me. He then broke up with me."

"He thinks I'm lying about going to McDonald's and he is convinced I'm just covering up that I'm sleeping with another guy."

"How the f*** can I prove that I haven't been cheating? I never thought my relationship would end over something so stupid."

Do you think she was wrong?

Or was the boyfriend being unreasonable?