We all need our greens in life.


They're vital to maintaining good health and they're also absolutely delicious. Gone are the days of simply boiling our veggies, now there's a plethora of different ways to cook them up into tastebud heaven.

But the most annoying thing?


Well, it has to be chopping them up. But fear no more, because Amazon now has a veggie chopper that you will be so grateful for, especially when facing the inevitable and unforgiving 'onion tears' that come along with chopping those delish veggies

And the reviews are unbelievable.


One person wrote:

This chopper is amazing!! I love cooking, but used to absolutely HATE chopping onions... until someone gave me this chopper! Now I simply have to quarter the onion, throw it in the chopper, pull the handle about 10-15 times, and they're ready to be used!

"No more teary eyes or spending a long time chopping onions."


The review continued:

The cup is big enough to fit a whole onion... I think the capacity is 3 cups. There's tons of other uses to this as well... you can chop pretty much anything from herbs, veggies and fruits, to making salsa and guacamole.

The device is also incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is cut your food item so it fits into the main holder, close the lid securely, and then pull a lever on the top, which moves the blade to chop the contents.

You can buy the product for just $15.30 here.


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The product has also been making the rounds on TikTok, with one user going so far as to describe it as 'life changing', adding that she will 'never cut an onion again in her life'.

So that's that!