‘You’ Stars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold Are Officially Dating in Real Life

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It’s official guys, Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold are dating in real life and we’re all excited over the news!

Unlike the unfortunate ending their realationship saw during season 3 of You, costars Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold have decided to pursue a realtionship outside of the show…

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Let’s just hope it’s a little less toxic than their on-screen one.

A source has confirmed to UsWeekly that it is, in fact, a lot less toxic than that.

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“Victoria Pedretti and her You co-star, Dylan Arnold, are dating and have been for about a few months,” the source says.

Rumors about the pair have been rife ever since they appeared on You together, but on Sunday, the twenty-six-year-old and the twenty-seven-year-old were spotted out doing errands like any other regular couple.

They also grabbed coffee together and then later on in the day, met up again wearing new outfits.

Arnold spoke to Teen Vogue back in October about the connection his character, Theo Engler had towards Pedretti’s character, Love Quinn.

“I think for Theo, his family life is not very stable, he doesn’t really have a support system,” he told the outlet.

“There’s this really interesting balance between him seeing her as a support system and in a weird way, almost a mother figure, but not totally like that, of course. He’s trying to find someone that he can love, and that can love him back.”

He continued:

“I think he’s blinded by love, in more ways than one. He’s so head over heels that he found this person he really connects with.

“It almost feels like toward the end a little like Romeo and Juliet, where’s he swept up in this romantic idea of running away together and saving her. He’s desperate for connection, desperate to find some comfort, stability.”

Thankfully their real-life relationship seems a lot more stable than the disaster that was their on-screen one. Let’s hope it leads to a happily ever after…