Victoria’s Secret Abandons Its Angels Saying They’re No Longer ‘Culturally Relevant’

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Victoria’s Secret has decided it’s time to say goodbye to their iconic Angels.

On Wednesday, the lingerie giant revealed that they were dropping their Angels and replacing them with prominent activists and public figures.

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The CEO of the company, Martin Waters, said that the former Angels were not “culturally relevant” anymore.
In an interview with the New York Times, he elaborated on his stance saying this: “When the world was changing, we were too slow to respond. We needed to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want.”

So, taking this into consideration, Victoria’s Secret has appointed a team of 7 incredibly diverse women at the forefront of their newest venture.

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They include Megan Rapinoe, the thirty-five-year-old pink-haired soccer star, and gender equity campaigner; Eileen Gu, a seventeen-year-old Chinese American freestyle skier (wtf?); the twenty-nine-year-old biracial model and inclusivity advocate Paloma Elsesser, who was the rare size fourteen cover star; and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a thirty-eight-year-old Indian actor.
While most of the women on that list are good choices, a seventeen-year-old child? Really? Whoever decided that needs firing on the spot.

The news comes after the lingerie company was blasted for being so insensitive and reductive when it came to defining “sexy.”

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According to VS, women with Barbie-like figures, bronze tans, and flat stomachs were seen as the pinnacle of beauty and came to represent the look that women should be adhering to. Never has there ever been a mainstream company that was trailing so far behind society.
Up until 2019, the show continued to plague the industry with unattainable beauty standards, gathering the slimmest models they could find to strut the catwalk. It wasn’t until that year when they canceled the event after consistent pressure and the brand starting on evolving their image.

Not only that but there were lots of rumors about its owner’s relationship with the sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, which trained the brand name.

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Revelations were also centered around a misogynistic culture behind the scenes which resulted in accusations of sexism, sizeism, and ageism. Not a good look at all.

Originally founded in 1977, the company molded its views on the “male gaze”, trying to make customers’ lingerie shopping experience male-friendly. Yikes.

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Almost 2 decades later came the birth of the notorious VS show wherein models would showcase the company’s best products, including “The Fantasy Bra” which featured real gems and played on the fantasy of all men. Apparently.
Even though it took a while, it’s nice to see them re-branding and who knows? Maybe they’ll become a fan-favorite again.