Video of Kanye West ‘Eating His Earwax Goes Viral’ and Twitter Is Disturbed

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There are some weird people on the internet, but, hands down, Kanye West tops them all.

Over the years, the singer has managed to hit the headlines for numerous reasons, most of them being for his bizarre antics. Sometimes, I wonder if he does this on purpose and secretly keeps a tally of how many times he gets caught doing something weird. I mean, he can’t be seriously living his life like this, can he?

Recently, an eight-second video of West has surfaced online appearing to eat his own earwax… gross isn’t even the word. Naturally, this has left Twitter reeling with disgust. However, some people are saying that it looks like he’s doing something else altogether…

Keep scrolling to see the video as well as Twitter’s hilarious reaction to it.

I mean, I would say that I’m sick of hearing about him, but I’m really not. Seeing what bizarre things he’s getting up to now provides me with some good entertainment. With help from Elle, I’ve compiled a list of the five weird – maybe genius – things that West said during only one interview.

So does he want us to refer to him as Doctor West now?

“After proving something right, he proved something wrong, right? Because there is no wrong or right, it’s bipolarity, it is both sides.” Kanye has a point there.

I don’t know what to say about this one… so I’m just going to move on quickly.

Well, Kim always has good lighting in her selfies, so that one matches up. But, as for the “master of time,”… maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that he’s four years old? God knows!

Right, so Kanye wants to become a liquid entity… or maybe he’s using this as a metaphor and he really just wants to become a substance we can’t live without.

If I was going to match two people, never in a million years would I have done this. But, apparently, West and Trump were a match made in heaven.

More confused than when Kanye claimed that he wanted to be water.

Recently, an eight-second clip was uploaded to the internet, appearing to show the singer eating his earwax. Yeah. Eating his earwax. Either that man was extremely hungry, or he’s just a strange, strange man… Either explanation would suffice.

And, at first, they didn’t even realize that he was in the shot until he started picking at his ear and – lo and behold – his fingers went straight into his mouth right after! Keep scrolling for the full video so you can decide for yourselves.

This reply was probably one of the best ones.

We are too.

What a clever play on words.

Because now they’re sharing spit… and earwax. Gross.

This video has left Twitter divided. Some people are saying that his fingers didn’t technically go into his ear, so he couldn’t have had wax on them before his hands went into his mouth.

Not putting his fingers into his mouth.

Some people have said that the singer might have had a piece of gum tucked behind his ears and he was just putting it into his mouth. It seems as if users were speaking from personal experience.

It makes sense, really.

This is the video in question. I personally think that he was just scratching his ear, but, hey, what do I know?

Here’s a list of nineteen of the most controversial Kanye-related things. Prepare yourselves for this one, ladies and gentlemen.