Viennetta Ice Cream Cakes Are Coming Back To US Stores After 30 Years | 22 Words

The retro but timeless Viennetta ice cream cake is finally making a comeback to U.S stores after thirty years, and this is exactly the news we all need!

Now, who doesn't love ice cream?

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To satisfy a sweet tooth, there's nothing better.

On a hot day, nothing else will do...

It's the official snack of summer!

And the best part about ice cream?

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It comes in such a variety of different forms.

Whether you like a cone ...

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Or you're a firm pot person ...

The possibilities are endless.

But one iconic form of ice cream has been absent here in the U.S for more than thirty years... the Viennetta, of course!

The Viennetta is a classic ice cream cake ...

And some recent Viennetta-related news has got the internet very excited!

Yep, it's the best news of 2021.

We're set to see a comeback of the iconic dessert.

Any '80s and '90s kid will remember this one.

Viennetta blends ice cream with chocolate and other flavors in super fancy layers.

It's a real beauty...

The epitome of glamour.

It's fun for all the family...

And perfect for sharing, of course!

We'll certainly be tossing one in our carts...

Hello, old friend!

Finally, some good news!

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