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Viewers in Tears After Harry Potter Cast Pay Tribute to Castmates Who Died

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Viewers of the recent Harry Potter reunion were left in tears when members of the cast paid tribute to their castmates who have passed away in the past few years.

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Just a few days ago, the highly anticipated Harry Potter reunion aired.

And while the reunion went down an absolute storm, there was one poignant moment that left many viewers in tears.

That moment was a tribute to the many castmates of Harry Potter who have left us in the past few years.

Actors such as Richard Harris, Helen McCrory, and Alan Rickman.

Speaking about appearing on the reunion without their late stars, Emma Watson said:

“It’s obviously amazing to be back, but so many people we thought would be here for much longer like Helen and Alan and Richard.”

Rupert Grint then added:

“They’re like family, just gone too soon.”

Daniel Radcliffe then spoke out about working with actors such as these greats, saying:

“I feel really lucky to have some little bit of touch with the people who have passed… I’ll be very old one day and say I knew that absolute legend.”

Legends of their craft.

Many viewers were left in tears following the tribute…

They truly were some of the greatest actors of their time.