Viral Twitter Thread Proves People Aged Faster In The Past

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If you’ve ever looked at old pictures and noticed something strange, Twitter has come together to prove you’re not alone. An incredible thread uses tons of old photos to prove that people did, in fact, age more quickly back in the day. And it makes a pretty compelling argument!

And from here, people started posting the most incredible pics in response.

Jennifer Lopez is fifty, FYI.

Bald and proud!

Maybe it’s the fact they’re about to be parents that ages them?

Uhm, excuse me?!

Looking like Dusty Springfield, right?

Liz Taylor had us absolutely shook.

Did more men go bald in the past, or what?

The thread seems to feature some particularly shocking pics at age seventeen …

Honestly, we can understand peoples’ confusion.

The Great Depression would do that to anyone, though.

Seriously looking like a dad at a charity event.

He’s Benjamin Buttoned us all!

They seriously look like a pair of cantankerous grandpas.

This caption describes him better than we ever could.

We don’t know which of these is more shocking.

Another premature balding situation.

We’d peg him as literally double that.

Again, J-Lo is fifty. Let that sink in.

This comparison is truly staggering.

A tragedy – and a very confusing picture.

A total grand-zaddy.

Maybe the picture quality adds to the aged feel?

Although this is more of a case of Ralph Maccio looking uber-young.

Another huge yikes.

Although to be fair, Brad Pitt would make anyone look bad.

Truly mindblowing stuff.

We’d love to see him in comparison to his classmates.

That combover is having the opposite to the intended effect.

Although, again, we aren’t sure Paul Rudd makes for a fair comparison.

To be fair, Martin’s hair went gray when he was about thirteen.

With the hair of a hundred-year-old.

Her hard-living really showed.

Seeing all these athletic old blokes is oddly inspiring.

We don’t think this “granddad” outfit is helping matters.

Turns out, tons of hair makes you look way older!

His eyes had seen too much.

We guess he lived the equivalent of twice that in half the time.

It’s the teeth!

We’re supposed to believe he’s basically a teenager?

Looking middle-aged at the very least.

Sorry, but this is an old man.

Compared to a modern-day fifty-year-old.

There’s no way this is a kid.

Vigoda looks basically on the verge of death.

Rock ‘n’ roll is hard on the skin.

Which is basically not even old nowadays.

He basically looked like this for twenty years, though.

We guess a life of crime isn’t great for preserving youth.

Fully leaning into his role as an old man.

Fully looking ready to speak to the manager.

So unbelievable there’s a full effect named after him.

Sportsmen of the past are blowing our minds.

Again, he lived hard during his few years.

This is a whole load of wtf.

Looking through yearbooks of the past is a totally wild ride.

The blood of infants does work really well, in our experience.

We do tend to take better care of ourselves now … And, of course, the thread offered some hilarious jokes, too.

Never too far away from an aging discussion.

Which kind of proves the theory is a different way!

Although compared to the actual pictures in the thread, this isn’t that unbelievable.

Honestly, we’re not sure this is a lie.

We just love this photo, to be honest.

And, by the way, how creepy was this movie?

Probably kind of true, too!

Comparing two people of the same age is always classic hilarity.

Maybe being horrible isn’t too great for the skin!

It does explain why we thought teenagers were full adults when we were kids, right?

Some of these pictures are really going to stay with us for a long time.

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