A Virginia death row inmate has managed to escape a horrible fate after committing the most heinous crimes...

The news comes after the state of Virginia approved a bill that ends capital punishment.


Lawmakers gave their approval to the bill on Monday, making Virginia the 23rd state to ban executions.

This outcome was sustained after Virginia's new Democratic majority argued that the punishment was applied more harshly to Black people as well as POC.


They also argued that the mentally ill and the poor are also more likely to receive a harsher sentence compared to the standard.

Of course, the Republicans pushed back with the idea of "justice for the victims."


Their rebuttal emphasized that there are just some crimes that are so callous that there is no other possible outcome that the perpetrators deserve more.

However, despite their efforts, the bill continued to move forward.


And it is said to be finalized by Democratic governor, Ralph Northam.

And of course, a lot of people had strong opinions on the issue...

Some, supported this progressive move...

A lot of other people did not...

There are 2 sides to this argument, and both sides raise legitimate points...


But according to Death Penalty Information Center, historically, Virginia has used the death penalty more than any other state, with 1400 state killings.

Texas now has the most executions since the penalty was reinstated back in 1976.

The main reason for people's hesitations to this new bill came after seeing who was on death row...

Virginia District Court

Anthony Juniper is one of the 2 men (Thomas Porter will also escape the death penalty after killing a police officer in 2005) currently inline to be executed by lethal injection in the state of Virginia after he was sentenced back in 2011.

He was only in his early thirties when he committed the most gruesome crimes...


Now, he is forty-nine and is going to escape the fate set for him almost a decade ago. Here is the story that's got everyone talking about capital punishment, but we must warn you, some of the details are extremely upsetting.

On January 16th, 2004, Juniper stormed into his on-and-off girlfriend's home after an argument.


He murdered Keshia, her brother, Ruben, and her 2 daughters. Nykia was only 4 years old while her little sister, Shearyia, was only 2. It was said that one of the girls was in her mother's arms while he attacked them.

Their bodies were later found in the master bedroom.


According to Virginia District Court documents seen by news.com.au, the details were nothing short of harrowing.

They outlined the injuries suffered by each victim stating this:


"Keshia was stabbed through her abdomen, shot three times, and grazed by a fourth bullet. One bullet went through her intestine, kidney, and spine, causing spinal shock and leg paralysis.

"Another bullet also passed through her intestines and then proceeded to her abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava, causing extensive bleeding."

It was written that the stab wound was so deep that it tore through her abdominal wall which made her lose a lot of blood.


And the details only get more and more horrific...

"Rueben was shot three times," the documents stated.


​"One bullet struck his pelvic bone, and ricocheted through his body into his abdomen, liver, heart, and lung, finally coming to rest in his armpit. A second bullet hit his hip bone and exited through the front of his leg. A third bullet broke his femur bone and exited his body at his front thigh. The medical examiner testified that the broken bones would have caused excruciating pain and immediately disabled Rueben."

And the injuries on the 2 little girls were possibly the hardest part to read...


"2-year-old Shearyia was shot 4 times while in her mother's arms. 2 bullets entered Shearyia's body in the shin of her left leg, fractured the bone, and exited through her calf. A third bullet entered and exited Shearyia's body through her thigh. The fourth bullet entered the crown of her head and passed through her brain, causing bone fragments to chip off."

And as for 4-year-old Nykia, she was shot at such close range that the bullet that entered her body also exited in a different area.


The medical examiner said that the bullet's path was consistent with Nykia ducking her head and body toward the shooter before being shot. And the evidence showed that she was still alive for a little while before taking her final breath.

But why? What could push someone to commit such heinous crimes?


Well, in court, all was revealed. The abusive nature of the killer was analyzed throughout their on-and-off relationship, with family, friends, and even co-workers giving evidence for his violent tendencies.

On the day of the murders, he got into a brief but heated argument with Keshia...


Fueled by jealousy, he got his friend, Renee Rashid, to drive him to her home where he would go on to murder everyone inside.

​Rashid later told authorities that she heard them arguing and heard Keshia say "I told you I'm not seeing nobody but you."


​And that's when she heard a loud bang as she was leaving the place. She ran down to her car where she heard multiple gunshots.

A psychiatrist later determined that Juniper had "anti-social personality disorder."


He also relied heavily on alcohol, c**aine and marij**na which would have influenced him to get into the state he was.

In court, he said that this was a typical sign of murderers.


​"[Killers have] difficulties with impulsivity, reliance on the more primitive defense mechanisms of denial and blame, an easily compromised conscience, problems with anger, mood instability, alcohol, and drug abuse, and chronic difficulties with the legal system."

Juniper was sentenced to the death penalty 7 years after he originally committed the crimes.


​But with the historic move pushed forward in Virginia this week, he is set to spend the rest of his life behind bars rather than have his life ended by the state.

After hearing his gruesome story, what do you think?


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