You Can Now Visit an Adult Soft Play Center That Sells Alcoholic Slushies

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Remember the days where you’d go to the play center with your friends and all your troubles would melt away? Well, now you can relive that stress-free life as you dive into a ball pit of fun.

And yes… we’re talking about a play center for adults.

An entertainment complex in Kent, U.K, recently launched a soft play night for adults featuring nineties tunes and vodka slushes… definitely no kids allowed!

Under 1 Roof Thanet in Thanet, Kent, held the over eighteen’s event for 2 nights over the weekend allowing adults to let their responsibilities seem like a thing of the past as they relived their childhood.

The complex first opened in 2020 as a soft play and entertainment complex for kids, which still remains the case, with the added benefit of adults being able to let off some steam in their own time.

The play center featured DJs, special cocktails, games, prizes, and all the fun of soft play! Which isn’t what you’d get at a club, that’s for sure…

And if it doesn’t sound fun already, the event completely sold out, so, it’s safe to say it’s worth it!

But don’t worry… 2 more adults-only nights are planned for September, so get ready to book your night of child-like fun.

“The idea is to give mums and dads a night away from the kids,” Zahra Tarjomani told Kent Online. “It’s something a bit different and we wanted to do something for parents after the last year.”

One happy customer said: “Thank you so much for a fantastic night!! Was such fun! From the quick queue, great staff and friendly bouncers couldn’t fault it! Defo recommend and re-booking,” on their Facebook page.

While another person said: “You absolutely smashed it.”

It went really well, and looked like so much fun! And what’s better than a ball pit, a slide, and some vodka?

The next adults-only soft party will be on September 24th and 25th if this sounds like your thing… So, head to their Facebook page for more information!