Following a survey of two thousand Russian men and women, Vladimir Putin has been voted as Russia's "sexiest man," though that isn't the only thing to get people talking from the survey.

It's safe to say, the internet has gone crazy over the result...

Every year the vote for "sexist" male or female comes around.

And almost every year, people are left disappointed with the result.

Only last week, Prince William was voted "World's Sexist Bald Man."

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And it's safe to say that Jason Statham fans were not happy.

So much so, they demanded justice.

And now, another vote has taken place.

This time for "Russia's Sexist Man."

And of course, it's been awarded to no other than...

Vladimir Putin.

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But the internet isn't too sure about the title...

A survey by SuperJob of 2,000 Russian citizens found that Putin is Russia's most good-looking man.

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When asked who the most handsome man in their country was, eighteen percent of men and seventeen percent of women voted for the leader.

As for the other eighty-two percent and eighty-three percent?

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As per the Times, eighteen percent of women said a single handsome man in all the land does not exist.

While nineteen percent of men named themselves as Russia's most good-looking man.

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Of course, they did.

Putin also maintained a lead on his competitors - actors Dmitry Nagiyev, Danila Kozlovsky, and Konstantin Khabensky.

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As per the Daily Mail, the SuperJob site reads: "Russians still call Vladimir Putin the most attractive of the famous men in the country."

"In this field neither actors, nor athletes, nor other politicians can compete with him today."

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