Volunteers Keep Christmas Light Tradition Going for Man Who Survived COVID-19, Two Strokes and a Heart Attack

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A heartwarming story has the internet feeling the holiday spirit this week…


Christmas lights are a huge feature of the holiday season.

And in Des Moines, Iowa, the neighborhood of Dale and Julie Marks traditionally goes all out, making their streets into a winter wonderland.


But the Marks had a rather horrific 2021.

After contracting COVID, Dale suffered with strokes and a heart attack, leaving Julie thinking they’d have to give decorations a miss this year.


“Dale decorates and puts all the lights up — I do the small things, he does the big things — and I knew there was no way that I could do it,” Julie told CNN. “He started talking about it and I was pretty sure it was impossible.”

But the community decided to step up.

Local contractor Bob Coffey decided to use his team to give the Marks home the decoration it deserved!


“He thanked me, he cried a little bit, I got teary,” Coffey told CNN. “You could tell how much he appreciated it, and that’s what makes it worth it.”

And it seems the giving spirit is catching…

The Marks family is using all the donations of visitors to their festive home to give to the local food bank.


“Nothing we have, we believe, is ours. So if we can love on other people and raise money and food for the food bank, that’s what we’re gonna do every year until we can’t,” Julie explained.

Now we’re really feeling the holiday spirit!