Waffle House Is Accepting Reservations for Valentine's Day Only | 22 Words

It's February, and Valentine's Day is coming up fast! So, as we know by now, anyone wanting to participate makes their Valentine's plans well in advance. If you're going out to eat, you need to call and request for a reservation far enough in advance early. This applies to pretty much any restaurant or limited-attendance even you go to. Like, some people schedule their dinners months in advance...

Which means that the Waffle House is no exception! Because the popular breakfast food chain is accepting reservations now for Valentine's Day only. And yes, Waffle House stands in contrast to most places you'd go for romance, but wait! There's definitely a reason to check out the offer.

So keep reading for the details on Valentine's day meals at Waffle House, plus other low-cost holiday ideas!

If you need Valentine's Day plans, Waffle House has you covered.

The diner-style restaurant chain is taking reservations for Valentine's Day, so you can have a yummy waffle date!

The offer applies in 21 different states.

Over 200 Waffle House restaurants around the U.S. are participating in this Valentine's special.

Waffle House is no stranger to Valentine's Day.

This will be Waffle House's 12th year of opening their doors (and waffle irons) to the Valentine's Day spirit.

Plus, they dress up the restaurants for it.

This isn't your average Waffle House meal! Participating restaurants will also be putting out white tablecloths and dimming their lights for that romantic background mood.

Are you wondering if you're near a participating location?

Check out Waffle House's complete list, here. Hopefully, your area is on it!

Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking.

And it's probably along the lines of "Waffle House on Valentine's Day? How is that romantic?"

Hear me out, though.

Valentines Day comes with this obligation to buy presents, food, express how you feel through spending money. But not every loving couple has tons of money to spend.

This could be for a number of reasons.

Examples of a couple who are frugal by necessity include college kids, couples who are saving up for something more important (wedding, trip, house, etc), low-income couples, and couples who would just rather spend minimally on things they don't need.

But that's no reason to have a crappy Valentine's Day.

After all, the quality of a romantic day with your significant other shouldn't be controlled by how much money you spend.

And after all, it's who you're with that matters.

Do you love your significant other? Are you spending Valentine's Day telling them that? Good. Then you're all set.

And with that logic, anywhere is romantic.

Obviously, we're not suggesting you go spend the day in, say, a landfill or the DMV!  You get the idea.

Point is, don't write off Waffle House.

You know what? Waffles are delicious, and eating them with the person you love most sounds pretty great.

And Waffle House knows it.

"Valentine's Day is about spending time with the one you love at a place you love," Jessica Kinskey, a Waffle House spokesperson, said in a statement to FOX 5 Atlanta. "And it's even better when you can do that without spending a lot of money."

So ask yourself: will you only be happy if you spend V-Day at the fanciest bistro in town?

If the answer is yes, then I guess you'd better get those reservations in. But for most people, the answer is probably more flexible. Eating expensively is a nice treat, but it's not the only route to happiness.

And for some, it's just not an option.

So it's pretty cool that an affordable place like Waffle House is setting up a Valentine's atmosphere.

Get in while the offer is good!

Go ahead and make a happy memory this Valentine's Day.

Heck, you don't even have to be in a relationship!

Ever heard of Galentine's Day? Grab your gals and appreciate each other over waffles (or, you know, the same but with other genders. There's just no other pronoun prefix that goes well with Valentine's Day). Basically, friendship!

The Valentine's fun doesn't have to stop there.

Because there are a ton of other great things to do with Valentine's Day on a budget!

Skip the store-bought cards.

Do you know what's way better? A heartfelt note that you make yourself. Don't worry about your crafting skills. It really is the thought that counts.

Do you want to get flowers?

You don't have to spend big money on them. Hit up Trader Joe's, Aldi, or a similar store for a $5 nontraditional bouquet.

Add a personal touch to dinner and a movie.

A night on the town isn't required. Provide some dessert and some atmosphere, and set up a movie marathon in your own living room.

Just get your significant other's favorite type of candy bar.

Boxes of chocolate can be nice, but honestly, knowing your partner well enough to just buy them a mound of their favorite candy is just as great. And this way, you know for sure they'll eat it!

Heck, you can make a romantic dinner at home.

Whether you make it at home or go out to an inexpensive dinner, here's the key: dress up! Who cares if you're at Waffle House, or in your own house? Go ahead and feel special in your fancy duds!

Plan a scavenger hunt.

Leslie Knope not only introduced Galentine's Day; she also proved that romantic scavenger hunts are totally adorable. Leave handwritten notes as each clue, and end it by meeting up with your SO!

Pack your bags; you're traveling down memory lane.

Relive some of the best memories you have from your relationship. Rent the first movie you saw together in theaters. Revisit a favorite restaurant. Something that is special to the two of you!

Set a budget.

You can still get gifts, but coordinate. Agree together upon a set budget that you can both afford, and work within those limits.

Introduce another rule, too.

If you agree to shop on a budget, add the provision that any leftover money after you're done getting a gift goes to the other person's shopping allowance.

A lot of times, neither person spends money on themselves.

As a result, you can also use this budget to pool your money. Go out for a nice dinner on that conjoined budget, or get something for your home that the both of you need.

Go off the grid.

No social media, no TV. Make a playlist for each other, and spend the evening listening to music, dancing, and being with each other.

There are plenty of ways to do Valentine's Day.

So get creative with it, and above all, do everything with your significant other in mind! Any of these ideas appeal to you? Share them with the special people in your life!