Waitress Shares ‘Creepy’ Note Left on Receipt by Male Customer Who Left a $1k Tip

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One of the most irritating things about existing as a woman in public is that there are always men who think you want their attention. But one waitress shared the true magnitude of the issue this week…

One man’s pervy message has sparked a fierce debate.

A waitress shared a note left by a creepy customer and it’s got everyone feeling grossed out.

And what made it even weirder?

He’d left a whopping thousand dollar tip on a meager $128 bill. Super weird.

Here’s the note that got everybody talking.

The customer had written, “Beautiful ni**les princess” followed by “call me” in capital letters and his full phone number.
Um, ew.

People were understandably horrified by the note.

“I would feel so grimy receiving this message,” wrote one.
Another agreed, adding: “This makes me want to die. Thanks.”

But another Redditor had quite a different reaction…

“As creepy as this is, if it were me I’d be flattered. Compliment and a fat tip. Still not calling though.”
What do you think of the note?