A waffle house waitress working a double shift while looking after her baby claimed that a county-music star left her a $1,000 tip and told her they "respected" her.

Shirell Lackey was working a 7 a.m - 9 p.m shift at a waffle house in North Carolina last week when she served a country-music star who turned out to be very generous.

The star, who Lackey would like to keep anonymous, entered the restaurant alongside their entourage during her double shift.

The team ordered products to-go when Lackey looking after her daughter caught the attention of a member of the musician's entourage, Fox 8 News reports.

The team member spoke with Lackey and left her a $50 tip before telling the musician about the hard-working server.


After the star found out that Lackey was working a double shift while looking after her daughter at the restaurant, he decided to help her out by leaving her a very generous tip and a gift.

The star tipped Lackey $1,000 on a $12 order and he also gave her 2 tickets to one of his concerts along with some baby clothes and toys, Kiro 7 reports.

Speaking with Fox 8 News, Lackey also revealed that the star said he "respected" her for what she does as a mother.

"He was like, 'I have to respect a mother that would do whatever it takes to support their child in a society where people don't even want to work anymore,'" Lackey said. "It feels good to be recognized. I mean, I don't do it to be recognized, I do it because Bella is everything — but it's nice to be recognized for doing the things we do as mothers."

After hearing about the kindness of the star, people took to social media to praise him.

"Awesome! This sweet lady sure deserves that very generous tip! Thank you to the person who gave it!" one person wrote on Facebook.

"I love that story! I want to see some positive news from now on!!!" said another.

"Even though the world is in a hateful place right now there are still some wonderful people out there," said a third.

"That's how more people should be, help others without getting anything in return," another added.