A TikTok video has gone viral this week after a woman showed off of her "ugly and inappropriate" outfit which, in turn, got her sent home from work and ultimately sacked.

The video shows a woman, Vanessa, who works for a hospitality establishment, showing off her outfit before the shift. However, it takes a sharp turn as we next see Vanessa in floods of tears in her car, explaining how she had been sent home from the establishment.

The twenty-one-year-old says: "Hi guys, I just got off work and I got sent home for my top because they didn't like my top. What the f*** is this, a f***ing fashion show? I don't get it."

Vanessa continues, claiming that other workers will turn up in "corsets and lingerie but my top - my long-sleeved crop top is f***ing ugly," adding that the restaurant has "paintings of naked girls on the f***ing walls".

The waitress continues: "It just doesn't make sense. I'm so mad because I drove forty-five minutes here."

@vaneskinnylegnd also I'm crying Bc I was already having a bad day and this sent me over the edge
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In a follow-up video, she then claimed to return to work another day and was fired for posting the video on social media, exclaiming "I drove to work and drove forty-five minutes here, and they fired me."

"Yay, I'm so happy, I'm literally - this is the best day ever. They said because of my TikTok and someone commented the name of the restaurant near the TikTok. And I'm tired, and now I don't have a job. I'm 100 percent sure the owners and the managers are going to see this TikTok and I don't care, I'm literally just expressing my feelings," before adding that she had never named the restaurant in her posts."

The whole endeavor has caused a divide among commenters on whether the company's decision was justified or whether they acted unfairly. The original video amassed more than half a million views, with the follow-up video grabbing only around 150,000.

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Some commenters defended her, saying " BYE they wish they looked as good as u" and "They're jealous babes! You look amazing."

However, a large majority of the comments were in favor of the restaurant, saying her outfit wasn't professional to work in an establishment.

"Clearly you broke the dress code. If it's a bar of course customers can wear crop tops. But I've never been to a bar where an employee was wearing one," one person said.

Another added: "can't involve your job on social media or vent about it, unfortunately. If you want to keep it."

"Sorry this happened but here's the truth: creating drama for a company will never get you work... be better for yourself and your coworkers." another suggested

Some of the comments said they had left bad reviews at the restaurant in question, booking reservations and vowing not to turn up on the date, wasting resources and time for employees and management. This again caused a divide between commenters, saying the whole debacle had become childish and unnecessary.

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