'Walking Dead' Fans Are Baffled That People Watch the Show | 22 Words

Former fans of The Walking Dead are speaking out because they're so baffled that people actually still watch the show.

Because even though it's been on our screens for a decade now...

It seems as though a lot of people dropped out ages ago and they've stated various reasons as to why... Some of them are pretty wild.

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Now, AMC's The Walking Dead first aired back in 2010.

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The post-apocalyptic zombie-themed horror series had us gripped to our screens as we watched a full-blown zombie apocalypse unfold in front of our eyes.

The series is based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman.

The show portrays the weeks and months following a zombie takeover and follows a group of lucky (or unlucky) survivors attempting to stay alive and find secure shelter in a world wherein death could be around any corner.

The group is led by former police officer, Rick Grimes.

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The Sherrif, who was shot in the line of duty, wakes from a coma to find out that the world is in the midst of an apocalypse. Imagine waking up to that.

He travels to Georgia to try to find his family.

After eventually reuniting with his wife, Lori, and son, Carl, with the help of best friend, Shane Walsh, he discovers a group of survivors and finds himself taking on the role of leading the group to a safe haven.

But, of course, it isn't all smooth sailing.

From the death of Lori to the war against Negan, it's a hard battle to stay alive for the former police officer and his group.

Originally, the show went down extremely well with fans...

And it had the ratings to show for it, with an estimated 6 million viewers tuning in to watch the first season.

Its profound success also earnt the franchise a spinoff.


In 2015, the show's spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, hit our screens, and with open arms - the premiere second season was the most-watched thing on Sunday on cable and broadcast.

The zombie franchise has garnered a mammoth fanbase.

Whether its fanfiction, dedicated fan accounts, or simply those eagerly on countdown each year for a new season, there's no doubt that the show has found its niche audience.

The show is also a fan-favorite at Comicon.

The cast are regular attendees at the annual convention, with hundreds of fans, some cosplaying their favorite characters, flocking to the event to watch the panel.

It's been on our screens for a total of 10 seasons so far.

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Just like clockwork, each year, fans get a new season of the show, with the saga continuing across a lengthy number of seasons.

At the time, Chief content officer, Scott Gimple, said he believes that it's got even more life left in it.

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Gimple, who was a showrunner for the franchise from season 4 to 8, now the chief content officer for the show, believes they can squeeze a staggering twenty more seasons out of the horror show. Woah. That's a lot of episodes.

But, it seems it's not meant to be.

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Because fans of the show were told recently that the newest season, season eleven, will be it's last.

Season eleven is set to be super-sized, to give the show the farewell it deserves.

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According to reports, the season will be a staggering twenty-four episodes long and will be premiering in the summer of 2021.

​But while some people are excited about it, others are confused as to why people are still watching.


A recent thread went viral on Twitter after user Josh Carr asked people this: "F*** small talk I wanna know at what point you gave up on The Walking Dead."

The responses came flooding in...

But beware: these reactions contain major spoilers.

I mean, the introduction of the tiger was taking it too far, wasn't it?

But if you're still on board with the show, season eleven is set to premiere this summer so keep your eyes peeled.

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