Terrifying Photograph About Kids Wearing Blue Swimsuits | 22 Words

A terrifying photograph has been shared online as a reminder to parents about keeping their children safe in water...

By avoiding blue swimsuits.

It sound crazy, but scroll on and you'll see why for yourself...

Now, it's no secret that parenting is hard.

Taking care of a helpless tiny human is a full-time job.

And it's not a job that you get training for.

It more of a "make it up as you go along" job.

Sometimes, a vacation can be just the antidote you need.

Taking time to relax is absolutely essential to any parent's health and happiness.

There's just one problem...

Vacationing with kids isn't quite as relaxing as you might hope.

Trying to keep them out of trouble is hard work.

And keeping them safe is even harder.

It seems vacations can leave your children open to an even wider variety of danger.

Like the swimming pool, for instance.

While it is great for children to play, swim, and make friends.

Swimming pools can pose a great risk.

With the risk of drowning being the most immediate worry.

But theres another great risk in pools...

Including, it seems, blue swimwear.

A picture shared online has highlighted to parents the danger of dressing your children in blue swimwear.


Attracting hundreds of comments from shocked users...

Facebook group CPR Kids shared the image to a bid to warn parents about the dangers of children wearing blue swimwear.

Highlighting why it's important they wear visible and brightly coloured clothing.

The post, which includes an image of a seemingly clear swimming pool reads, "What do you see underneath the water here? Take a good look."

"Anything? A child? Yes, there is a child there."

"It's hard to believe, we know! Following on from our post recently on the importance of fluoro and bright coloured swimwear for kids, one of the CPR Kids Educators was at a pool party with friends and noticed how cloudy the water had become after being used all day."

"She asked one of the children who was wearing a pale blue swimsuit, to swim to the bottom. The result shocked her - as it did everyone in the CPR Kids team!"

We're as shocked as you are!


It's bright swimwear only from now on.

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